Eating in Cangas del Narcea

Eating in Cangas del Narcea

Cangas del Narcea, in Asturias, is a village full of old palaces. This place produces its own wine and has a particular gastronomy. Due to its geographical isolation, as it is lost between numerous mountains and valleys, the agricultural expliotation and the slaughter are some of the main keys to its cuisine. Do you want to know what to eat in Cangas del Narcea?

Located at the south-west of the Principado and surrounded by a river that has the same name, Cangas del Narcea is a village that bases its gastronomy in some products of great quality. Between the traditional dishes of the place, the most famous ones are the pan de leña – this city has a huge number of artisan bakeries.

Regarding what to eat in Cangas del Narcea, the local dishes go from embutidos (sausage) such as the chosco to the soup of cabbage, served with the the traditional copango of meat, chorizo, ham, bacon and blood sausage. Apart from trying the Chosco de Tineo, a meat product with I.G.P. typical of the region, deer meat and partridge with legumes  are some other specialties of the place. Complete this gastronomy offer with a good Xenosto cheese, which is nowadays produced only in the village that has its same name. Try this cheese along with a young and soft wine, suchas the Vino de Cangas with D.O., which is usually drunk with in the traditional cachos (samall wood cups).

The Carrasquín, the Verdejo and the Albarín are some other wines that you can find in Cangas del Narcea. You could also enjoy the cider from Asturias with D.O.P., produced in this region. Throughout the year, a lot of gastronomy events take place here, such as the Jornadas Gastronómicas de Carnaval, Jornadas Gastronómicas de la Ternera Asturiana, Cangas de Pinchos, the Fiesta de la Vendimia and the Jornadas Gastronómicas de la Caza.

conejo cangas
perdiz verduras cangas
fabes jabali cangas

Eating tapas in Cangas del Narcea is a possibility, especially if you go durint the celebration of the Jornada de Cangas de Pinchos. Between a lot of places, we recommend the Bar Chicote, where they serve wine of the earth and stewed potatos. Another option is La Ruta, where you can eat smaller portions. The waiters offer tapas nonstop.

comer cangas narcea bar chicote
Bar Chicote
comer cangas narcea ruta
La Ruta

There is a lot of restaurants and cideries where you can eat in Cangas del Narcea, and they all have great products. At the restaurant Blanco, the owner and his son offer a modern cuisine in a place with a traditional look. The Sidrería Narcea has specialized itself in traditional food made with vegetable products.  In Suiss, which offers cider and grilled food, the specialties are the grilled meats. They participate in the Jornadas Gastronómicas de la Ternera Asturiana y el Vino de Calidad de Cangas.

comer cangas narcea restaurante blanco
Restaurante Blanco
comer cangas narcea sidreria narcea
Sidrería Narcea

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