Eating in Mieres

Eating in Mieres

Back in the past Mieres was a minig centre and still nowadays it preserves its industrial past. This locality from Asturias has a very varied gastronomy. We recommend trying the pumpkin morcilla!! There are numerous restaurants where to eat in Mieres and where to taste lots of tapas.

As in almost every town from Asturiana, Mieres has the deserved gastronomy. You will enjoy its taberns, sidrerías, restaurants and grills of quality. This variety of offer makes it possible to organise the Jornadas Gastroómicas Micológicas (mushrooms), del Xuanico (morcilla with pumpkin), Pote Asturiano or of the Picadillo.

In addition to these culinary fairs, the popular fail of the Antroux and the Folixa na Primavera will give you the chance to live the traditions from Asturias. Cheese is a must as well, specially in Urbiés where its famous Urbiés Cheese is produced. This spicy cheese is one of the most famous in the Pyrinees due to its texture, flavour and its manufacturing process (it does not have fat at all). You can try it served in small clay bowls or as a sauce over meat. Do not miss the chance to try the excellent Sidra de Asturias with D.O.P


potaje mieres
morcilla calabaca mieres
setas rellenas mieres

To eat in Mieres some tapas and raciones we recommend the Tasquina de Chus where you can try nice huevos rotos, tunna lollypops or nice gulas with  mushrooms.

The Sidrería Barolaya will offer you delicious chorizo and sidra with asparagus with mayonnaise to share. They also have the daily menu if you wish to eat bigger quantity.


comer mieres tasquita chus
Bar La Tasquina de Chus
comer mieres sidreria barolaya
Sidrería Barolaya

There are numerous restaurants to eat well in Mieres, speciallly sidrerías. We would recommend the elegant Cenador del Azul who mixes traditional cuisine with innovation techniques. Perfect for an intimate dinner, the desserts such as the chocolate mousse are excellent!

In the Sidrería Parrilla la Xagosa you will find an inexpensive menu of large servings such as grilled meat or shilters.

comer mieres restaurante cenador azul
Restaurante El Cenador del Azul
comer mieres sidreria xagosa
Sidrería Parrilla La Xagosa


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