Eating in Arenas de Cabrales

Eating in Arenas de Cabrales

Arenas de Cabrales is the entrance door to the stunning natural park of Picos de Europa. This area will captivate you not only for its landscape but also for its cheese Cabrales, the first one getting the DOP. Here you have our recommendations about what to it in Arenas de Cabrales.

Located in the Picos de Europa and known in every corner of Spain and the world, it is here in Arenas de Cabrales where the miracle takes place. Cabrales cheese, the blue cheese par excellence and the first to obtain the Protected Designation of Origin, is hidden in the caves of this town. Travel through the magnificent landscapes that the Cares route offers you, and discover the process of making this cheese in its cave-exhibition. Taste it on its own, with cider or as a star ingredient in many recipes with local flavour.

You can also eat in Arenas the delicious Asturian meats that are seasoned with cabrales sauces. Ask for a good baked cabritu in Cabrales or a chuletón de carne roxa. And what about the cachopo! You can enjoy these suggestive dishes at the Cabrales Cheese Gastronomic Days.

But what to eat in Arenas de Cabrales does not end here, as thanks to the proximity of the Cares River you can combine the products of the land and the sea, such as trout or salmon. The classic fabes and the traditional pote complete a wide range of gastronomic possibilities.

Arenas is also famous for the Corri-corri dance that you can witness on St. John’s Day.

pescado arenas cabrales
comer en Lavapiés – Madrid
queso cabrales

If you feel like eating in Arenas de Cabrales different tapas, you are lucky. We recommend two places where to try the local gastronomy.

First of all, the Sidrería Cullenga where they serve really good tapas and local recipes.

Another mandatory stop is the Bar Trasgu specially if you are in the Cares route. It has an amazing terrace where you can enjoy something simple as a hamburger or some french fries.

comer arenas cabrales sidreria calluenga
Sidrería Calluenga
comer arenas cabrales bar trasgu
Bar Trasgu

This small town won’t offer a great variety of places where to eat, but the ones that exist offer high quality food. Our recommendation is to start by the Cares Restaurant where to eat food on a budget. Order an authentic fabada and enjoy its meat. They even have gluten free bread!

In Casa Sagües you can taste the Asturian cuisine. You should order croquetas of cabrales cheese as a starter to share and then some fabes or a delicious cachopo. You won’t be hungry after all! Promised.

comer arenas cabrales casa sagues
Casa Sagues
comer arenas cabrales restaurante cares
Restaurante Cares

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