Eating in Torla

Eating in Torla

As it is the main door to get in the Natural Park of Ordesa and Monte Perdido, the small town of Torla is also one of the main touristic spots of the Aragonaise Pyrenees. The great influx of tourists guarantees a wide variety of places to eat.

When eating in Torla it is important to realise that the area is full of pastures, forests, rivers and crops. The most representative dishes are the chiretas, ternasco, grilled meat, migas de pastor and chilindrón chicken along with game stews. In January different products are elaborated with pork meat after the matanzia. The products are prepared in preserves. In autumn starts the season of mushrooms that are found in the forests of the surroundings.

niscalos torla
comer torla espana fascinante

You can go to the Bar Frankfurt which is located in a cozy corner and that has a terrace to enjoy the sunny days. Another good place is Santa Elena where to taste its delicious rices and tapas. Finally, in the Mondarruego you can enjoy a wide variety of tapas.

comer torla bar frankfurt
Bar Frankfurt
comer torla arroces tapas santa elena
Arroces y Tapas Santa Elena

There are numerous places where to eat in Torla. In the historic dentre, located in the old house og the XIX century we find the restaurant El Duende. There are various spaces and the cuisine is very traditional linked to new techniques.

The restaurant A’Borda Samper is another place very recommensable for eating in Torla. Its menu presents lots of classical recipes.

La Cocinilla is specialised in grilled meats and in its menu you can find multiple options of local dishes.

Another place for eating in Torla is Turieto (inside the Hotel Ordesa, in the road to the natural park). Its kitchen is inspired in the Pyrenees tradition.

comer torla restaurante duende
Restaurante El Duende
comer torla restaurante borda samper
Restaurante A’Borda Samper

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