Eating in Monzón

Eating in Monzón

If you enjoy discovering varied gastronomies, you should come to Monzón. They have lots of local recipes and products such as the Pumpkin Empanada. What are you waiting for?

The gastronomy of Monzón is strongly linked to the local and regional tradition and lifestyle. When eating in Monzón you will reaside that vegetables are one of its main gastronomic pillars as we can see in its dishes: cardo con bacalao (thistle with cod) and the caparrona beans.

In January the matanza takes place every year and the houses and restaurants fill their pantries with embutidos: longanizas, morcillas and tortetas. They also have their typical empanadas of calabazapasteles templarios and barbaritas.

bacalao salsa cardo
caparronas monzon
alegrias mozon

In the bar-restaurant Acapulco you will find croquetas, carpaccio of tomatoe and many other dishes. In the Cafe Millenium you will also find traditional tapas.

comer monzon restaurante acapulco
Bar-Restaurante Acapulco
comer monzon cafeteria millenium
Cafetería Millenium

There are many places for eating in Monzón.

Jairo is a restaurant with a long trajectory that mixes classic cuisine with more contemporary techniques.

In the restaurant Piscis you can find creative dishes that vary depending on the season. It is important to know that they never lose the tradition.

La Cucharilla is the restaurant of the Hotel Más Monzón. Its cuisine is creative but uses local products of high quality.

El Cacao is antoher recommendable place to eat in Monzón due to its original cuisine and quality.

comer monzon restaurante piscis
Restaurante Piscis

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