Eating in Fanlo

Eating in Fanlo

In this locality you can try a diverse gastronomy based on local products. Eating in Fanlo gives you the chance to taste delicious recipes of meat such as pork ribs. Delicious!

Fanlo is a small locality from the Pyrenees located in the middle of the Vió Valley, really close from the National Park Ordesa and Monte Perdido. Its natural isolation has contributed to the conservation of the rich artistic patrimony and its traditional cuisine.

Cattle raising is the base of the local recipe book which is also very influenced by hunting and fishing. Here we find dishes such as the asado de ternasco, the grilled pork ribs, the beef tenderloin, embutidos, grilled snails and the chiretas. In addition, with the milk of the animals, different cheeses are produced in the area. The most typical ones are its cow and sheep cheeses. Also, as Fanlo is surronded by spectacular forests, it is really common to use different mushrooms and fungi for the stews when the season starts.

carne fando
Dónde comer en Daroca

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There aren’t many restaurants for eating in Fanlo. The only establishment is the bar Las Eras, located nearby the main road in a small mountain that dominates all the area and which has spectacular views over the Vió valley.

The other restaurants must be found in other towns. In Nerín we find the Hotel Palazio specialised in the Pyrenees local tradition. Also, the restaurant Casa Cuadrau is a good option if you are vegetatian.

comer fando bar eras
Bar Las Eras
comer fando restaurante hotal palazio
Restaurante del Hotel Palazio

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