Eating in Biescas

Eating in Biescas

In the region Alto Gállego you will find this locality famous for its delicious gastronomy. If you decide that you are eating in Biescas you will be able to try tasty meats and fishes. Delicious!!

Biescas is the entrance to the natural park of the Tena valley and it is its main touristic centre. The richness of its environment, its pastures and its lands condition the gastronomic tradition. Most of the products are ecologic and the meats are very important. In addition in the last years they have started to consume foal.

Game meat complement the culinary offer: trouts and wild pigs. In January during the matanza restaurants start to offer longaniza, chorizo and tortetas. In October during the mushroom season the Autumn fair takes place. In June there is a challenge of cheeses from Aragon and in January a tapas callenge.


chorizo biescas
carne caza andujar
queso brihuela

If you look for eating tapas in Biescas, you should go to Forato. it offers traditional specialties and some touches of colombian food. Estacho is a classic bar and serves sandwiches and tapas and Gouda, that also offers a wide variety of tapas in its bar.

comer biescas taberna forato
Taberna Forato
comer biescas taberna gouda
Taberna Gouda

There are numerous options among which you will have to decide if you are planing to eat in Biescas. The restaurant El Montañés is a contemporary quality proposal. It offers signature cuisine that is perfectly combined in a seasonal menu carefully presented.

The hotel Tierra de Biescas has the restuarant Saborea which elaborates excellent dishes with local ingredients. You should try the cylinder of ternasco.

La Bodega de Pepe is one of the most famous restaurants in Biescas due to its facilities (really nice in summer) and its cuisine (classical and based on grilled meats).

Casa Ruba was founded in 1884 and is a referent for eating in Biescas. It has a bar and a restaurant and in both you can try typical dishes from the Pyrenees.

comer biescas restaurante montanes
Restaurante El Montañés
comer biescas restaurante saborea
Restaurante Saborea

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