Eating in Benasque

Eating in Benasque

This town located in the middle of the Pyrenees is one of the best places to eat tasty meats and warm soups and fight the cold! In its bars and restaurants you will find excellent food.

Located in the Pyrenees from Aragón, Benasque is a very touristic town. Perfect for sking and practising mountain sports both in summer and winter. Eating in Benasque is extremelly conditioned by its land and geography. The main activities of the area have always been agriculture and livestock so the products that come from those activities are the main components of the local gastronomy.

Cow, lamb and pig meat give place to the most famous dishes: ternasco asado, chuletas, solomillo and all kind of embutidos from Aragón. The milk is used to produce excellent cheeses. From fishing and hunting they get products such as the wild pig, the trout and the sarrio. 

Among the desserts that stand out in Benasque we find the crespillos, rosquillas and the candimus.

rosquillas benasque
alubias carne benasque
chuletas cordero benasque

If you want some tapas and pinchos, eating in Benasque is a great option. We suggest you the Bombolón which serves delicious creations based on meat.

If you prefer croquetas, octopus and big raciones you can go to La Cumbre. It also has different platos combinados and iberic tostas.

comer benasque bar bombolon
Bar Bombolón
comer benasque bar cumbre
Bar La Cumbre

There are numerous options to choose if you are planning to eat in Benasque. The restaurant El Fogaril combines the tradition of the Pyrenees with other modern techniques. It is specialised in recipes with mushrooms and game among others.

La Parrilla is another restaurant that is perfect for eating in Benasque, in its kitchen classic flavours and modern ingredients get mixed to create original and quality dishes.

La Sidrería is a restaurant that is inspired in Asturias but it still offers local dishes from Aragón.

Two kilometers away from there, in a little town called Anciles we find the restaurant Ansils which is extremelly popular for eating in Benasque. It is specialised in grilled meat.

Nearby, Casa Tous offers a short menu where everything is homemade and done with products from the area.

comer benasque restaurante fogaril
Restaurante El Fogaril
comer benasque restaurante sidreria
Restaurante La Sidrería

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