Eating in Fuengirola

Eating in Fuengirola

Located on the central stretch of the coast of Malaga, Fuengirola has a pleasant stretch of coastline and a wide range of hotel services that make it one of the main centers of tourism in the province of Malaga. Do you want to know where to eat in Fuengirola?

When eating in Fuengirola we find a traditional strong cuisine that has one of its fundamental pillars in fish. Sardine sauce, fried fish, red mullet, horse mackerel, swordfish, whitebait, pink or squid are more than usual among all that you have to eat in Fuengirola. Beyond fish, the local cuisine is lavish in all kinds of regional recipes, among which it is possible to highlight some such as orange and cod salad, gazpacho, ajoblanco or maimones. In the meat section, there are some recipes such as the choto al ajillo or the oxtail, never forgetting the game pieces or the grilled veal, also classic at lunchtime in Fuengirola. The local pastry tradition is clearly marked by the passage of different peoples throughout history. Thus, among its main specialties we find some such as alfajores, roscos de vino, mantecados or saint’s bones, among others that we eat in Fuengirola.

salmonetes fuengirola
gazpacho andaluz
comer utrera

Tuto Tapas located in the center of Fuengirola offers traditional tapas and very rich, highlighting the meatballs and snails. In addition to hearty dishes. Another option where to eat in Fuengirola is Crepes’n tapas bar, if you like crepes they have all kinds, salty or sweet. Finally, Gastrotaberna Picoteo that can be defined as quality, presentation, variety and superb treatment.

comer fuengirola bar tuto tapas
Bar Tuto Tapas
comer fuengirola Bar Crepesn tapas
Bar Crepes’n tapas

It is possible to find very good places to eat in Fuengirola. Charolais is a pleasant and elegant establishment where a menu composed of different specialties of Spanish cuisine always prepared with products of good quality and reliable origin is offered.

Another well-valued establishment to eat in Fuengirola is Girol, a restaurant that elaborates an original and imaginative cuisine that is always based on the local Mediterranean tradition and uses top-quality ingredients for it.

In Los Marinos José it is common to find seafood and fish of the best quality, always fresh and coming from the fish markets of the town and its direct surroundings; a classic of the local seafood cuisine.

The restaurant Palangreros can boast of a long and successful professional career thanks to a cuisine that uses fresh fish and first quality meats to give shape to an attractive menu and very well valued by both visitors and neighbors. Located on the outskirts, in the Reserva del Higuerón urbanization, Sollo is another place to consider for lunch in Fuengirola. Your kitchen is the author’s; imaginative and original, but always keeping an eye on the product and local tradition.

comer fuengirola restaurante charolais
Restaurante Charolais
comer fuengirola restaurante girol
Restaurante Girol

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