Eating in Isla Canela

Eating in Isla Canela

Isla Canela is a neighborhood in the municipality of Ayamonte in the province of Huelva. It is a benchmark in sun and beach tourism. Due to its proximity to Portugal you can eat at Isla Canela a gastronomy closely linked to cultural exchange. Do you want to know where?

The most classic recipes to eat on Isla Canela are rice with chestnuts, a good sole, mackerel with noodles, monkfish with potatoes. All of them create an extraordinary recipe together with the best seafood: razor clams, prawns, clams, clams … Thanks to a deep-rooted canning tradition, anchovies in vinegar, sardines in solipé and fillets of mackerel are other recipes of the most characteristic menu of the area. But, undoubtedly, the star product par excellence is tuna; Try their dried roe or taste it salty, with garlic, in marinade or as delicious mojama, a whole delicacy. If you still have strength, take the opportunity offered by your Tapas Route and enjoy all these products and other recipes such as the tomato tofu, the sea bass to the ayamontina or the stripe in paprika, all also available in reduced version.

atun tomate isla canela
jamon serrano villafranca cid

Los Barriles is an establishment to take into account when eating at Isla Canela if you are looking to enjoy good and generous portions with an excellent price. It is self-service, but it is undoubtedly very well managed.

Another option where to eat in Isla Canela is the Bombadill Chiringuito, another great acquaintance of the area thanks to its fish and meat. In addition, it enjoys an excellent and very pleasant service. Perfect to have a drink overlooking the sea.

comer navajas isla canela chiringuito bombadill
Chiringuito Bombadill
comer isla cristina barriles
Los Barriles

The options for eating in Isla Canela and its surroundings are varied. La Rana is one of the best known restaurants in the area. A good family restaurant that stands out for the quality of the fish, fresh and varied.

Other famous restaurants of Isla Canela are Thebussem Isla Canela, located on the Isla Canela golf course, or Patio de La Labonería, a charming establishment with a long history in the organization of events.

If you also want to know other Ayamonte sites we recommend you go to Casa Manolo, another establishment to take into account that produces a quality kitchen with first-hand products from the coast and the surroundings of the town.

Minutero restaurant offers fish stews, Iberian cold meats, other specialties of Huelva regional cuisine and grilled meat prepared in the Argentine style.

comer isla canela restaurante rana
Restaurante La Rana
comer carne isla canela restaurante minutero
Restaurante Minutero
comer isla canela Restaurante Casa Manolo
Restaurante A3 Casa Manolo

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