Eating in Motril

Eating in Motril

The capital of the Costa Tropical is a large port town of Muslim imprint, known for its leadership in the production of tropical fruits, has been the scene of numerous episodes of innovation and rebellion. Its gardens and its coastline are an attraction for strolling and relaxing. In this walk there will be nothing better than stopping to eat in Motril in one of the tapas bars and restaurants in the area.

Known for its sugar cane, Motril also treasures other specialties that make your kitchen a unique memory. When it comes to lunch in Motril, the city opens a wide gastronomic range marked by recipes that range from classic noodles to seafood, Mackerel and Melva de Andalucía (both products with I.G.P) to the most traditional pastries. You can try the famous casserole of San Juan, made with pumpkin, as well as the traditional tapas of sardines, shrimps and espichás. But as not only does the sea live in this locality, do not miss its delicious stew of choto or ajillo cabañil, a recipe that combines several types of meat under a base of sardines and agricultural products. And for lovers of sweet, discover the Real Cake, made with almonds and meringue. Put the finishing touch to your culinary experience and taste the pale rum made in the area or the famous Chirimoya from the Costa Tropical of Granada-Málaga, product with I.G.P.

caballa motril
gambas plato tipico motril
pescado arroz motril

Eating in Motril tapas is possible, the miniature cuisine has in the Granada town worthy exponents. Our recommendations start with La Espichá where you can eat well-prepared fresh fish in Motril. They also serve typical dishes such as salmorejo.

A more economical option is El Roscón, a classic-looking bar in which the tapas are ham or other sausages. Perfect not to be hungry.

And finally, in La Gamba you will also find cañas and tapas, highlighting their shrimps, perhaps the best to eat in Motril.

comer motril bar roscon
Bar El Roscón
comer motril pescaitos fritos bar espicha
Bar La Espichá
comer camarones motril bar gamba
Bar La Gamba

There are many options to eat in Motril, one of the most popular beach areas in Granada. The restaurant La Piscina is already a classic in the town. In this family place you can find a letter consisting of all kinds of traditional dishes of the area where the seafood has a special role. It has a large room for celebrations.

Another restaurant specializing in the best fish and seafood is the restaurant Katena, a reference point when eating in Motril.

The restaurant La Ballena Azul, meanwhile, is another family establishment that uses the best of local ingredients to make good traditional cuisine. Located on the beach, the Fabiola restaurant is a proposal of classic cuisine with touches of innovation that uses ingredients from the land and coast of Motril for its preparation.

If what you are looking for is a wide and quality place where you can eat in Motril and find a table with ease or celebrate a wedding or any other type of event, go to Playa Granada Club Resort.

comer motril restaurante piscina
Restaurante La Piscina
comer motril restaurante katena
Restaurante Katena
comer motril restaurante fabiola
Restaurante Fabiola

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