Eating in Guadix

Eating in Guadix

What was the first Christian city in Spain and the capital of the Nasrid kingdom is an important monumental complex in which its more than two thousand inhabited caves stand out, the largest concentration of them in Europe. Do you want to know what to eat in Guadix?

Located on the northern slope of the Sierra Nevada, the city of Guadix in Granada keeps a gastronomic offer that you can not miss. Enjoy the most typical products of the area, being pork and its derivatives the star products of the cookbook at the time of eating in Guadix; Do not hesitate to try the orza loin (traditional clay pot), marinated in garlic, oregano, salt and vinegar for several days. Walk the streets of this town and discover the diversity of its cuisine, where specialties range from migas with chorizo (even with chocolate) to rabbit with garlic. Accompany these traditional dishes with a typical salad of the land, the peculiar ‘rin ran’, made with dried and roasted peppers, dried cod and dried tomato apricots, among other products.

Water the lunchtime in Guadix with a good wine from the D.O. Granada, and put the sweetest touch to this day with convent confectionery delights and those of Muslim origin: the tocino de cielo, the felipe and the rosco are the most famous of the locality accitana.

conejo guadix
vino utiel

When it comes to tapas, Guadix also has good places. Bodegas Calatrava is really good, perhaps the best place to eat tapas in Guadix. The tapas menu is varied and can be chosen. They are good, plentiful and cheap. Another option for eating in Guadiz is Jos-Mary, a reference in Guadix tapas. It can be defined as a cold beer always accompanied by an abundant tapa.

comer guadix bodegas calatrava
Bodegas Calatrava
comer guadix bar jos mary
Bar Jos-Mary

The options for eating in Guadix are numerous and of high quality. The restaurant Boadbil is decorated with beautiful details of arabic inspiration and presents an specialised menu both in fish and meat.

Located at the outskirts of the locality, the restaurant La Tinaja is one of the best valued when eating in Guadix. Its facilities are inside a natural cave and in addition a menu specialised in regional food. It has different spaces prepared for big groups.

Of a somewhat more modest character but with a good cuisine in which the fresh fish stands out daily, La Pequeña Taberna has been positioning itself as another of the essentials when it comes to eating in Guadix.

The company Jamonera Granadul, has in Guadix two mesones (one on the road and another in the town) that offer the best of Granada cuisine to its customers with a letter in which, of course, there is no lack of good ham and other meat specialties. The restaurant Palacio de Oñate elaborates traditional accitana cuisine and has up to four different salons ready to accommodate a large number of diners and, if the occasion requires it, hold any type of event.

If what you are looking for is a place specialized in the organization of weddings and other events, La Hacienda del Marquesado, a few kilometers from Guadix, has a long experience in this type of celebration.

comer guadix restaurante granadul
Restaurante Granadul
comer guadix restaurante boabdil
Restaurante Boabdil
comer guadix restaurante tinaja
Restaurante La Tinaja

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