Eating in Zuheros

Eating in Zuheros

In the National Park of the Sierras Subbéticas and, on one of the spectacular cliffs of the mountain range to which the town gives name, this white fortified population of Spain is erected. The local recipes will surprise you because, despite not reaching 700 inhabitants, this town has a very rich gastronomy. There are not many restaurants and bars for eating in Zuheros but in those few, you will eat very well.

An almost inescapable product to eat in Zuheros is its goat cheese, which many places offer as an appetizer and it is tapa in the bars. To open your mouth, do not miss the famous sobrehúsa, a traditional recipe made with beans and hard-boiled egg; or also the classic crumbs. Enjoy the different specialties of the area, where the meat derived from the slaughter gets a leading role, being the sausage candle (being straight) and black pudding some of its most typical products.

If you are a meat lover, savor the recipes of rabbit with garlic and the delicious clavellinas, breaded lamb chops. Accompany these dishes with a good mojete of potatoes; seasoned with paprika or breaded mushrooms.

Not only meat is the protagonist behind the stoves zuhereños; The cod, so necessary in the past to respect abstinence during Lent, is the protagonist of one of the local recipes: the cachorreñas (cod seasoned with orange).

Remember that this area is the producer of the exquisite Denomination of Origin Baena Olive Oil, which gives a special touch to its cuisine. And to sweeten the farewell, you can not leave without trying the delicious pestiños, roasted melados (with wine) and fig bread. Water all this culinary experience with the native drink par excellence, the resol, a combination of lemon verbena, coffee, brandy and sugar.

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bacalao zuheros
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Being a small town, in Zuheros it will be better to eat ‘A la Carte’ so we recommend the section that follows.

Although there are not many establishments to eat in Zuheros, the establishments of the town present a quality gastronomic offer based on the traditional recipe book of the area. The restaurant Los Palancos specializes in grilled meat and mountain food, also has good fish and homemade desserts.

In Villa y Señorío de Zuheros you can taste good grilled meats and other specialties of the area; has the capacity to accommodate large groups. One of the best in the town and an establishment in which to eat very nice traditional dishes. Terrific Zuheros cheese au gratin.

El Mesón Atalaya is another of the most popular places to eat at Zuheros, its cuisine is also cut by the patterns of traditional recipes. Good table of cheeses and exquisite chickpeas with spinach.

Hacienda Minerva is a restaurant located in the attractive framework of the old warehouse of the mill of the hacienda; his menu is seasonal and has great capacity, so it is easy to find a table.

Finally, the restaurant Zuhayra has a wide and varied menu and a good relationship between quality and price. An elegant establishment with very elaborate dishes. Perfect for a special date with your partner. Typical food with great taste, another of the best in the town.

comer zuheros restaurante zuhayra
Restaurante Zuhayra
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Hacienda Minerva
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Mesón Atalaya

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