Eating in Montoro

Eating in Montoro

Located on the banks of the spectacular meanders of the Guadalquivir River, it is completely whitewashed and surrounded by olive groves, forming part of the Sierra de Cardeña – Montoro Natural Park. A gastronomy of quality and very local. There are not many bars and restaurants to eat in Montoro but they will be enough to enjoy the quality of this Andalusian cuisine.

Declared an Artistic Historic Site, the town of Montoro not only stands out for its beauty, but also for its wide culinary offer. Eating in Montoro is to enjoy the most traditional recipes, in which the partridge and the deer play a leading role; order them in the style of the area, marinated with pepper, onion and saffron, among other products of the land.

But undoubtedly, one of the star dishes that you can not forget are the rags of Montoro with shooting hare: a stew of flour cakes (rags) with sofrito, which is incorporated into the hare after its preparation to endow the dish with its unique flavor. Delight your palate with the incredible Los Pedroches Ham, Denomination of Origin of the land that you can not miss.

Accompany these specialties with the famous pheasants, a variety of mushrooms from the area, which you can taste as much as a side dish or an omelette. If you have the opportunity, visit the Olive Fair and discover the magnificent D.O. Olive oil Montoro-Adamuz participating in their tastings and contests.

guiso tipico montoro
jamon guijuelo

To eat tapas and rations in Montoro, Casa Yepez bar is an outstanding establishment. Its dishes are plentiful as the partridge pâté with quince or some delicious grilled baby squid. At the El Gordo brewery they put a lid on you with the drink. Your hamburgers are good too.

In the Casa José tavern you will find elaborate rations and great tapas. It is the best tapas place in Montoro. Snails, salad of gulas, prawns, chorizo, croquettes … Yum! Good wine list.

comer montoro bar casa yepez
Bar Casa Yepez
comer montoro taberna casa jose
Taberna Casa José

The options for eating in Montoro are all traditional, based on the recipe book of these lands of Cordoba and prepared with ingredients from the area. One of the best known restaurants in the town is Belsay, which with its typical Andalusian food and its good relationship between quality and price has positioned itself as one of the favorite places among consumers. A great knuckle as well as the garlic cloves.

The restaurant Molina Plaza is another of the classic establishments at lunch time in Montoro, both for the quality of its cuisine and for the service and treatment of the staff. Perfect for eating meat and fish.

Just 10 kilometers from the town, near the Sierra de Montoro, is the Ventorrillo La Fragua de la Encarná, a place where you can enjoy the best seasonal cuisine with local character. In a country setting, you can order some “eggs with everything”, make imagination and forget diet.

The Molino la Nava restaurant is perfectly integrated into an old oil mill; its cuisine is of Mediterranean essence, made with fresh local products.

Montoro also has several large-capacity establishments specialized in hosting a large number of diners in the celebration of different events; precisely because of their high capacity, these are also places to find a table with difficulty. We talked about places like the wedding halls La Caseta and Nuestra Señora de la Fuensanta, the latter on the outskirts of the town; and the La Colorá farm, next to the El Arenoso reservoir.

comer montoro restaurante belsay
Restaurante Belsay
comer montoro restaurante molina plaza
Restaurante Molina Plaza

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