Eating in Medina Sidonia

Eating in Medina Sidonia

Located at the top of a beautiful hill visible from far away, this Andalusian town with the characteristic white houses will transport you to its Muslim past. Eating in Medina Sidonia will be the highlight of the visit especially if you go for tapas. Do you want to know where to eat in Medina Sidonia?

In the capital of the region of La Janda you will discover a wide and varied selection of Andalusian meals. Eating in Medina Sidonia offers you a variety of tapas throughout the year, mainly featuring cold cuts, fish, dressings or olives. A good way to accompany these tapas can be found in some of the wines of the region, both white and red are ideal with these small culinary delicacies. A good first course that you can taste in this town are the different stews offered by the restaurants in the area, among them the stew of cabbages, the stew of artichokes (artichokes) or the stew of tagarninas esparragadas. You can also find dishes made with rice such as rice with rabbit or asparagus. Beef and game meats will be present in all the Asidonian gastronomy as well as clams, snails, mussels or chocos that will give a maritime touch to the dishes. And, to finish the lunchtime in Medina Sidonia, the homemade desserts in this town are exquisite and very popular. At Christmas time you can enjoy polvorones and mantecados and throughout the year they offer you amarguillos, piñonates, brown cakes and the most famous sweet of the locality that has the Protected Geographical Indication, the Alfajores.

almejas medina sidonia
aceituna alorena
vino iscar

Eating in Medina Sidonia some tapas is a great option. Enjoy the Andalusian cuisine in small doses accompanied by a cane. One of the places for this is El Resbalón where you will find very good meat tapas and some delicious snails. And let’s not forget the anchovies! Another of our favorite places for eating in Medina Sidonia is the Tapas Show. Now you can make an idea just for the name, the tapas are varied and delicious. Economic price, quality and good service.

comer medina sinoia bar resbalon
Bar El Resbalón
comer medina sinoia show tapas
Show de Tapas

The options for eating in Medina Sidonia stand out for the quality of a traditional cuisine prepared for the most part with local products. The Paco Ortega restaurant is one of the most emblematic places of Medina Sidonia, has a large terrace and stands out for the friendly service to its customers, as well as for its cuisine.

Hosted in the hotel of the same name, El Duque restaurant uses local products of the highest quality to elaborate classic recipes with a modern and attractive presentation. In addition, El Duque has rooms equipped for the celebration of wedding banquets and other similar occasions.

The restaurant El Castillo, another recommended place to eat in Medina Sidonia offers its customers a menu specializing in meat and fish.

La Vista de Medina, on the other hand, offers a quality service and a seasonal menu based on fresh products.

Venta la Duquesa, on the A-396 road, is a place of great tradition and recognition in Medina Sidonia. It offers a menu based on local products and has several large capacity rooms in which it will be easy to find a table, as well as offering the possibility of holding all kinds of events.

comer medina sinoia el castillo
Restaurante El Castillo
comer medina sinoia paco ortega
Restaurante Paco Ortega
comer medina sinoia restaurante duque
Restaurante El Duque

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