Eating in El Puerto de Santa María

Eating in El Puerto de Santa María

This stately-looking city, located at the mouth of the Guadalete River, had an extraordinary splendor for its important role in the Discovery and trade with the New World. It is still an important wine center and is one of the main tourist destinations in the south-west of Andalusia. Do you want to know the best options for eating in El Puerto de Santa María?

In the Bay of Cádiz, on the bank and mouth of the Guadalete River, is this wonderful municipality. When eating at El Puerto de Santa María, the culinary offer is varied and rich, based mainly on products from its bay. You can start tasting one of the many tapas that you will find in the bars of the area, featuring cold meats, fish and meat. There are many traditional dishes for eating in El Puerto de Santa María where fish will always be present; some of them are the caldillo de perro (seafood soup), the stripe with fried bread and the sole or mackerel with noodles.

You can also enjoy these delicacies in their fried version, known as pescaítos fritos, ideal to taste the well rooted gastronomy of Cádiz. As a good port town you can try many fresh seafood cooked in different ways in restaurants in the area: grilled, cooked or raw are exquisite. They emphasize, among others, prawns, lobster, mussels, crabs and shrimps. The latter will be the protagonists of the famous shrimp omelette that you will find in practically the entire province.

In this place you will be able to enjoy the flavor of Sherry Vinegar with D.O.P. that occurs in the region. To accompany these culinary delights you can try the different wines in the region such as the Sherry Wine Denomination of Origin, as well as the famous Brandy de Jerez with C.R.D.E. that occurs in the area.

merluza salsa puerto santa maria
bebidas puerto santa maria

If for eating in El Puerto de Santa María the choice is tapas, the town has some representative places like Casa Paco, Chovi or El Betis.

In Chovi you will find an excellent price of the rations, among which the oxtail and the mussels stand out.

Casa Paco is a good place for tapas, a classic where to eat in El Puerto de Santa María that constantly winks at the sea.

And, finally, El Betis, very famous in the town. Their tapas are traditional, but they always look to be up to date. It is usually full, which is synonymous with quality food and at a good price.

comer puerto santa maria casa paco
Bar Casa Paco
comer puerto santa maria bar chovi
Bar Chovi
comer puerto santa maria bar betis
Bar El Betis

There are numerous options for eating in El Puerto de Santa María. One of the most popular is Aponiente, Angel León’s restaurant, which in 2015 got its second Michelin star. Its cuisine is innovative and based on fresh sea products.

El Faro del Puerto is another renowned establishment in the town that has a cuisine of strong Andalusian essence made with always fresh and top quality products; It has its own garden.

Piriñaca has a long history behind them offering its customers the best fresh fish from the Bay of Cádiz. Your menu of the day is quality and at an affordable price. The restaurant El Arriate offers a menu based on seasonal products in which traditional Andalusian-style cuisine and ingredients, mostly of local origin, are the fundamental essence of the kitchen.

Plato al Centro presents a culinary proposal based on the experience of sharing; his menu is composed of dishes designed to be placed in the center of the table. It also has a selection of tapas and montaditos. For its part, the restaurant Los Portales prepares a cuisine based on the products of the land and the bay of Cádiz, always of the best quality. There are several establishments of great size and capacity in El Puerto de Santa María where, besides being able to find a table with ease, all kinds of events can be held. Some of them are Bodegas El Cortijo, belonging to the restaurant Los Portales; the Bar Jamón restaurant, which offers good cuisine and extensive facilities; Bodega Alameda, with two large independent lounges and Hacienda el Pinar, owned by the Osborne family.

comer puerto santa maria restaurante aponiente
Restaurante Aponiente
comer puerto santa maria restaurante faro
Restaurante El Faro del Puerto
comer puerto santa maria los portales
Restaurante Los Portales

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