Eating in Algeciras

Eating in Algeciras

Algeciras, the South Gate of Europe, is located in the province of Cádiz. It is one of the biggest steps of birds on earth whose main attraction are its beaches. As a good Andalusian town you can eat in Algeciras at a cheap price and try the authentic cuisine of the area in the form of tapas.

In the largest city of Campo de Gibraltar you will find all the diversity that Andalusian gastronomy offers you. Eating in Algeciras guarantees finding good fish prepared in multiple ways for the different tastes of the guests: fried, cooked, roasted, grilled or in soup. Dishes such as battered ortiguillas, shrimp tortillitas, grouper in yellow or abajá algecireña (assorted fish) are ideal for lovers of seafood. And of course, the typical ‘bienmesabe’ as it is known in Cádiz al cazón en adobo.

If in addition to fish you enjoy dishes that contain seafood, here you can taste noodles with clams or rice with lobster among others. If instead you prefer a meal with some type of meat, you can also find wonderful roasts and meats in sauce. In addition, as a good Andalusian town, when eating in Algeciras you can also opt for tapas in many of its bars.

pasta chirlas algeciras
ortiguilla algeciras

Eating in Algeciras some tapas is an interesting option. The town has several establishments specializing in miniature cuisine, among which Taberna Recoveco and El Querido, both with innovative proposals; Casa Pepe, a classic from Algeciras; La Casita, one of the most famous corners of Algeciras; or the seafood restaurant Entre Tejas, with good products captured directly from the bay.

comer algeciras taberna recoveco
Taberna Recoveco
comer algeciras bar querido
Bar El Querido
comer algeciras bar casita
Bar La Casita

There are many options for eating in Algeciras, all linked to the typical cuisine of the province of Cádiz and the products of its environment. La Cabaña restaurant offers a menu based on Mediterranean cuisine where grilled meat occupies a special place; It has two large capacity rooms.

Another recommended restaurant to eat in Algeciras is El Claustro, where they serve dishes based on traditional Cádiz recipes cooked with always fresh and top quality local produce.

La Posada de Millán has two independent guesthouses in Algeciras, one on Sevilla Street and the other on El Rayo Hill. Your kitchen is strongly influenced by its direct surroundings; It also has large spaces to hold all kinds of events.

In addition to this, there are other places in Algeciras that, due to their great capacity of reception, are very suitable when finding a free table or celebrating any type of banquet. Some of the most popular are Excalibur Castle and Finca el Campo, just outside the town.

comer algeciras restaurante cabana
Restaurante La Cabaña
comer algeciras restaurante claustro
Restaurante El Claustro
comer algeciras Excalibur Castle
Restaurante Excalibur Castle

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