Eating in Vera

Eating in Vera

Located in the north of Almeria and near other municipalities such as Mojácar, the town of Vera is divided between its location in the interior of the province and an extensive stretch of coastline that highlights its beaches. Here you will find a gastronomy composed of coastal recipes. You’ll find plenty of bars and restaurants for eating in Vera.

The very nature of this large Almerian municipality makes it possible to find a wide range of recipes and dishes linked to the coast and the interior when it comes to eating at Vera. On the one hand, fresh fish and shellfish from the Mediterranean Sea, together with recipes made with rice and other traditional stews such as the fish cauldron, make up the bulk of the local seafood culinary tradition.

On the other hand, other classic forms of Almeria gastronomy such as ajo colorao, the stew of balls or the gurullos con conejo are also very frequent when eating at Vera. In the same way, the traditional confectionery of the Almeria area has its own reflection in a tradition marked by the passage of different cultures and that has left specialties such as pork crackling, pastafloras, hornazos or roscos de vino y anís, all of them very good to finish eating at Vera.

caldero pescado vera
hornazo salmantino
rosco vino vera

The Los Angeles bar has several tapas that will be served with your drink. They also have paella and fish rations. And if you love you can go back for your day menu or for the night menu.

Also of informal atmosphere we find Pepe’s, an establishment very appreciated by locals and by visitors. Its cuisine is original and local, serving in the form of dishes as tapas and rations. Try the taboo crepe.

¡Al rico pescaíto frito!  The Rosado has tapas and rations such as choco croquettes, squid, marinated dogfish … Good quality at a good price. The best bar in this section.

comer vera bar angeles
Bar Los Ángeles
comer vera pepes

The options for eating in Vera are varied and are spread between the town itself and the extensive coastal area associated with it. Terraza Carmona is an elegant and very popular restaurant where a traditional cuisine based on market products and local origin and proven quality is elaborated, focused on both the Mediterranean tradition and other classic proposals of Spanish cuisine. Very good monkfish and turbot.

Another establishment to consider for eating in vera is Juan Moreno, a restaurant with a long professional career and multiple awards that offers a menu where traditional cuisine is presented and prepared with modern touches, always attending the best product of indigenous origin. An excellent restaurant where you can try the red shrimp and the scallops sautéed with vegetables. They take care of the presentation of the dishes.

A short distance from the coast is another classic establishment for eating in vera: Azul. It is a restaurant with classic Almerian and Spanish cuisine where the fresh product is presented as one of the main pillars of its cuisine. Cheer up to enter, although from the outside it does not look like much inside you will discover a restaurant with a very elegant and charismatic garden. They have areas enabled for people with reduced mobility.

The Cenachero is a restaurant with sea views and a very seafood menu, although they also have meat. Very good the aubergines with honey and the shrimp casserole. The presentation of the dishes is very up-to-date and taken care of. Enjoy the cuisine of this Andalusian town in any of its restaurants is synonymous with quality, as with this and previous. It is impossible for us to choose a favorite!

comer vera restaurante terraza carmona
Restaurante Terraza Carmona
comer vera restaurante juan moreno
Restaurante Juan Moreno

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