Eating in Retamar and El Toyo

Eating in Retamar and El Toyo

Retamar and El Toyo are two urbanizations linked together and located between the city of Almería and Cabo de Gata. Here the cuisine is very complete, from rice to fish and meat. It has many bars and restaurants to choose from where to enjoy the culinary experience of eating in Níjar.

At lunchtime in Retamar and El Toyo we find a gastronomic offer that, adding certain international proposals, corresponds to the culinary tradition of Almeria. The proximity of the Mediterranean Sea favors the presence of all kinds of fresh fish and seafood, among which some species such as cuttlefish, squid, melva, monkfish, mackerel or red mullet stand out. These can be consumed roasted, grilled or part of a recipe or stew of marine inspiration.

Rice dishes are also a very common dish to eat in Retamar and El Toyo. Although in less quantity to the fish, the meats are also habitual between everything that there is to eat in Retamar and El Toyo. Among the local meats, the choto or some sausages of traditional character usually predominate, although the veal and other similar ones are always present even though their origin does not usually be strictly autochthonous.

melva retamar
caballa almeria

On the beachfront is La Barra, a place worth trying tapas. The service is very friendly and the place has charm. Rich tapas of squid grilled and grilled. A romantic place to eat tapas is El Cubo del Lago, with very nice lighting at night.

comer retamar barra
La Barra
comer retamar cubo lago
El Cubo del Lago

Located in Plaza del Mar, one of the nerve centers of the place, La Barra is a very popular place to eat in Retamar and El Toyo thanks to an offer that combines a restaurant, tapas bar and various cultural activities as exhibitions or concerts. Fresh fish and good octopus with ali-oli. Better to order everything at once, so you will avoid waiting for more of the account.

Casa Blas is an establishment with a long professional career, offering a traditional, simple and well-prepared cuisine with high quality products and, for the most part, local origin. Good golden and juicy Iberian secret.

El Mirador de Retamar is another restaurant where the product is the main base of its stoves; Fresh fish and seafood from the nearby waters of the Mediterranean Sea, prepared fried, grilled or roasted. A classic to eat in Retamar and El Toyo.

comer retamar casa blas
Casa Blas
comer retamar mirador
El Mirador Retamar

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