Eating in Aguadulce

Eating in Aguadulce

Aguadulce is a locality that belongs to the municipality of Roquetas de Mar that counts on one of the best valued coastal stretches in Spain for the turism of the province  of Almería. Eating in Aguadulce means ordering from the most exquisite seafood and fish dishes to sausages. The offer of bars and restaurants is very varied so you will love eating in Aguadulce.

There are many options for eating in Aguadulce, a town that has the fish and seafood of the Mediterranean coast its main culinary contributions. All kinds of specimens such as monkfish, mackerel, red mullet, melva, squid or octopus are very common in local kitchens. These can be prepared in many ways: from fried or roasted to grilled or presented in the form of small tapas or generous portions.

The rices are also an important part of the local gastronomy, and so it is possible to find a wide variety of these in the different restaurants and bars of Aguadulce. The traditional recipes of Almeria and Andalusia have their place here in the form of ajoblancos, gazpachos, porridge, seafood stews and all kinds of popular recipes that are also common at lunchtime in Aguadulce.

Between the meats they emphasize the traditional sausages and pieces of meat of calf or lamb, that generally are imported of other regions due to the scarce present cattle ranch in the province. To finish eating in Aguadulce it is always advisable to try some specialty of Almerian lands, marked by the passage through these lands of different cultures throughout history.

melva retamar

Eating out in Aguadulce de tapas is possible thanks to the presence of a good selection of bars specializing in this miniature cooking , among which some places stand out, such as La Baranda, a classic tavern of good cuisine that varies its tapas every so often; L’Arrivée, a modern, creative and original bar with abundant tapas; or BBQ, where the classic and the contemporary merge masterfully.

comer aguadulce taberna baranda
Taberna la Baranda
comer aguadulce restaurante larrivee

There are numerous options where to eat in Aguadulce. Bacus is a modern and informal establishment where through a specialized menu in both tapas and dishes a well-prepared cuisine is offered and attached to the traditional imaginary of the area with interesting contributions from other cultures, always using products of proven quality. Very good the cannelloni of oxtail and boletus as well as the oyster with milk of tiger.

Another place to take into account to eat in Aguadulce is Nuestra Taberna, which employing market products and first quality gives shape to an attractive menu where fish, meat and seafood stand out.

Bodega Claudio is an establishment that can boast a long professional life offering its customers a careful and well-prepared cuisine, lavish on good meats and seafood from the nearby markets. The grilled red prawns will surprise you.

The Riviera is another recommended place to eat in Aguadulce, a family establishment and nearby that prepares a traditional local cuisine very well valued by neighbors and visitors.

comer aguadulce restaurante bacus
comer aguadulce nuestra taberna
Nuestra Taberna

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