The Best Spanish Summer Festivals For You

Summer is here! Combating the heat and monotony of holidays is an easy task when you live in a country with such a wide range of summer festivals. They are aimed at all different kinds of tastes and interests: for the more adventurous, for those who love to party… but also for those who prefer luxuries and comforts. We present a list of summer music festivals according to your personality!

For the Most Refined Tastes

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Starlite Festival (Fuente:

Music, gastronomy and culture all share the same space for more than 45 days in the heart of Marbella. Artists of the stature of Elton John, Andrea Bocelli or Ricky Martin will perform in a unique space marked by the luxury, the dancing, fancy tapas and the drinks. Also, if you have a more refined taste, you will have the option to include a dinner in a gourmet restaurant or a table in the VIP area to enjoy the DJs after the concerts.

The Starlite Festival defines itself as the best boutique festival in Europe. Year after year, the Starlite Gala is held, directed by its hosts, Sandra García-Sanjuán and Antonio Banderas. This charity event rewards the efforts of those who have participated in solidarity work.

Your destination: Starlite Festival (Marbella)

For Jazz Enthusiasts

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Heineken Jazzaldia (Fuente:

We have not forgotten the jazz lovers on this list of summer festivals according to your personality.

This style of music tends to attract people who think they are out of the ordinary. They are social, active and self-confident, with a great interest in cultural issues. If you fit with this profile, you have at your disposal several festivals dedicated to this musical genre.

Some of them do not have great fame, as is the case of ImaxinaSons (Vigo) or Jazz en la Costa (Almuñécar). However, there are very well-known ones like the Jazz Festival of Vitoria and, in particular, the Heineken Jazzaldia (San Sebastián). This festival, the oldest of the genre in Spain, is for all audiences and tastes, but it is essential that you appreciate and enjoy good jazz.

Your destination: Heineken Jazzaldia (San Sebastián)

For Family Friendly Fun

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Atlantic Fest (Fuente:

From now on, having children is no longer an impediment to all those summer festival lovers. If you are one of those who prefers to spend time with family, your place this summer is on the Island of Arosa (Galicia). What awaits you is a varied plan that includes full day concerts, conferences, talks, a huge gastronomic area and many activities tailored towards entertaining children and families.

The Atlantic Fest is located on the beach, because it more fun to take a good dip between concert and concert and enjoy the time with your family. This festival will take place from the 20th to the 22nd of July this year.

Your destination: Atlantic Fest (Pontevedra)

For Wine Lovers

Festivales de verano
Festival Sons del Món (Fuente:

You’ve always been a quiet person, you know your interests, you appreciate the good in life and you choose quality above all else. For you, enjoying nice music in the company of a glass of wine is an insurmountable plan.

The Citadel of Rosas, the Basilica of Ampuries and the Vineyards of Ampurdán are the perfect setting for this fusion of live music and different types of wine. If you want to enjoy the cool nights on the Costa Brava, the Sons del Món Festival is the best choice for you. This year it will take place throughout the month of July.

Your destination:  Festival Sons del Món (Gerona)

For Those Who Love Diverse Culture

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Sonorama Ribera (Fuente:

A festival can be much more than just music. There are some people who do not hesitate to sign up for all the events that add their own personality to a festival and fulfill tourist and cultural desires.

There are people who constantly need more, who need something new. If you have always liked artists who defy the common rules of creation and bet on experimental music, the Sónar (Barcelona) is a good alternative for you. This advanced and experimental music festival opens its doors this summer from the 14th to the 16th of June.

But, if what you’re looking for this summer is something completely different, Aranda de Duero is your destiny. For several days, the locality Burgos becomes the scene of a musical festival that is many other things at the same time: an exhibition of shorts, a contest of musical models, a visit to the vineyards and wineries, a wine tasting, and a hub of special programs for children and adults.

The Sonorama Ribera is the best opportunity to get to know the cultural offerings of the province of Burgos and, as a result, it has become one of the options on this list for the summer music festivals according to your personal tastes.

Your destination: Sonorama Ribera (Aranda de Duero)

For Those Who Love Rock

Festivales de verano
BBK Live (Fuente:

Rock runs through your veins and Spain knows it. Seeing thousands of people making the “rock-n-roll” gesture with their hands is already a classic pose at many of the festivals in Spain. If you are a person who listens to legendary bands and who loves discovering unknown groups making their first debut, you are in luck because any of the Spanish rock festivals are perfect for you.

This stands for the least known, such as Soria Rock, Legends of Rock (Valencia) or the Bodega Rock (Valladolid), to some as popular as the BBK Live (Vizcaya). If you have a rock-n-roll soul, Bilbao opens the doors every year for three or four days in the month of July. This festival is one of the greatest attractions of the year and it is an indisputable must on the agenda of summer festivals. This year, it will be held between the 12 and 14 of July.

Your destination: BBK Live (Bilbao)

For Nature Lovers

Festivales de verano
Pirineos Sur (Fuente:

Do you want to escape your normal routine and savor the tranquility somewhere secluded from all the hubbub? Do you love nature and like to spend time in idyllic places? If so, surely you have considered attending a concert with breathtaking views where you can enjoy the fresh air.

In the idyllic town of Lanuza (Huesca), in the middle of the lush landscape of the Pyrenees, a huge floating stage on a reservoir welcomes those who are willing to enjoy a perfect symbiosis (music and nature) that allows them to sing and dance to the rhythm of musical styles as different as hip hop, salsa or folk. This festival, known as the Pirineos Sur, will take place this year from the 13th to the 29th of July.

Your destination: Pirineos Sur (Huesca)

For the Biggest Partiers

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Canela Party (Fuente:

Hilarious, original, uninhibited, unbridled, a transgressor… If you are all those things, you will be welcome in the greatest wild party of the summer. A big party with music, costumes, glitter and confetti awaits you in Málaga to celebrate the best festival season. No one is exempt from getting dressed up, not even children and pets who, of course, also have a spot in this atmosphere of crazy fun.

If you are an extroverted person who loves to party without any kind of shame, the Canela Party Festival is totally recommended for you. This year it will take place from the 2nd to the 4th of August.

Your destination: Canela Party (Málaga)

For Alternative Music Lovers

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Mad Cool (Fuente:

Maybe you have always felt that you do not fit in with the established and have tried to adopt a way of life as independent as possible. That spirit of resistance has moved to your musical and artistic tastes. If you identify with this, you should know that during the summer period there are a series of festivals that embrace with open arms all those who need something different.

Rio Babel is a tropical oasis in the heart of Madrid. In this city the DCode is also celebrated, an indie music festival that takes place on the Campus of the Complutense University. If we head south, to an exclusive environment like the beach of Benidorm, we can find the best national and international indie music in the Low Festival.

The Basque Country should not be missed as a key place on the list of alternative festivals. The BIME, held in Barakaldo, is famous for promoting different styles of music and giving visibility to new artists. However, if what you are looking for is the most successful independent festival in recent years, the Mad Cool Festival is the answer. This event will take place between July 12th and 14th in Madrid.

Your destination: Mad Cool Festival (Madrid)

For Beach Lovers

Festivales de verano
Festival Aquasella (Fuente:

There are those who are anxiously waiting for the summer, fantasizing throughout the year to be in the sun or enjoying a refreshing dip at one of the beaches of our country. If you are one of those, and you also like music, there is a wide range of summer festivals according to your personality.

For those who love good vibes, AlRumbo Festival, located on the fabulous beaches of Chiclana, gives way to a lot of partying and relaxing. Flamenquillo, rap and folklore rhythms fused with current styles make up the musical offerings of this event.

On your part, if you prefer the mix of beach and electronic music, your festival is the Dreambeach, held in Cuevas del Almanzora (Almería). The Barcelona Beach Festival, or the Aquasella, takes place in the beautiful surroundings of the Sella River.

Festivales de verano
Rototom Sunsplash (Fuente:

Another excellent beach for festivals is the Arenal Sound de Burriana (Castellón), with camping on foot at the beach and famous pool parties.

However, if you really want to enjoy the sea and the tranquility it offers, your festival is without a doubt the Rototom Sunsplash (Benicasim). Reggae music lovers no longer have to dream of going to Jamaica to enjoy the Caribbean rhythms. This festival has a menu with a lot of variety, and it offers a multitude of cultural activities with which to give visibility and voice to themes such as peace, tolerance, racism, non-violence and respect for the environment.

This is our list of summer festivals according to your personality. Which one sounds best to you?

Your destination: Rototom Sunsplash (Benicasim)

Text: Carolina C. Villar

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