The best Cathedrals in the French Way

The French Way to Santiago is one of the most popular routes to Santiago. It is full of beautiful monuments. In this page, we wanted to give you information about the four most beautiful cathedrals in this route. Of course, the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela is the most important, if you want to read more information about this cathedral, in our specialized page, you will find all the information.

Cathedral of Jaca

The main attraction in Jaca is its Romanic cathedral of Saint Pedro, the most ancient Romanic cathedral in Spain. Nevertheless this building had many constructive epochs between 1076 and 1131; it was also reconstructed using original elements in the end of the 16th century and again in the 18th century. Amazing aspects of this building are its main facade and the south portico, in which there are architectonic elements like the monogram of Christ represented as XP: the Crismón.

Catedral de Jaca

Cathedral of Pamplona

Santa María’s Cathedral, in Pamplona is a Romanesque construction that was restored as a Gothic building in the 14th and 15th centuries, and the façade which is is neoclassicist. The Diocesan Museum is also interesting because of it sacred collection.

catedrales del camino francés

Cathedral of Burgos

The official motto of Cathedral of Burgos associates it with the beauty and purity of the Virgin who inspired its construction. The first Gothic temple of the Crown of Castille, it is the only cathedral in Spain declared a World Heritage Site without other annexed buildings. Its harmony of styles, symmetrical proportions, and accumulation of works of art give it an extraordinary beauty. Another unique fact is that it is the only temple that, in addition to being cathedral, is also a basilica.

Catedral de Burgos

Cathedral of León

The Cathedral of León is a masterpiece of Gothic architecture in Spain and has been nicknamed “la pulchra leonina.” Aptly dedicated to the Virgin Mary, it communicates a sense of purity, while its extraordinary collection of stained glass livens it up.

Las mejores catedrales del Camino Francés

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