O Porriño

Crossroads since prehistoric times

O Porriño is a town in Pontevedra but it is integrated in the metropolitan area of Vigo. Partly, its development is thanks to the Way to Santiago. In this town there are vestiges of old Palaeolithic settlements in the Gándaras de Budiño.

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If something characterizes the Town hall in which Or Porriño is integrated, it is a specific variety of granite, the Rosa Porriño (Pink Porriño). In this municipality there is the main deposit of granite of Spain. O Porriño is located in the valley of the Louriña and it has a perfect location for its development. That is why industrial estate As Gándaras is placed in this village. However, this supposes a non pleasant colophon of stage for pilgrims. In O Porriño you will be able to find very nice places that you can visit perfectly in one morning. In addition, if you need information about where to sleep or where to eat in this locality, we leave a link to our specialized pages.

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Arriving to O Porriño is usually a bit tedious for pilgrims because it is necessary to go through the industrial estate of As Gándaras. Nearby, you will find the parish church of Santa Eulalia de Atios. If you follow the path, you will arrive to the village urban center. In the San Sebastián square, there is a chapel with the same name, this chapel was the core of the municipality. The architecture is simple due to the fact that it was built by the neighbors of O Porriño.

In spite of its modernity, O Porriño still has its old charm. Antonio Palacios, is one of O Porriño’s most illustrious sons. In the town hall there is a statue to pay tribute to this amazing architect. He used granite for many of its works. In O Porriño, buildings as the Town Hall; La Botica Nova (finished in 1912, planned as a pharmacy and home of his brother José), the Fuente del Cristo (1904) and the Templete de San Luis an access pavilion to the underground of Madrid that was located in the Gran Vía and it was moved to O Porriño in 1971. This pavilion is near the town and it had two different structures, one of wrought iron and glass and the other of granite; on the transfer, the first part was lost.

Another chapel we find in O Porriño is the San Benito chapel. In this chapel used to be the market of the town. It is a building from the 19th century, but it had an expansion and a refurbishment in the 20th century.

Other interesting places to visit in O Porriño are the Museo Principal de Minerales y Rocas (Main Museum of Minerals and Stones) where you can find more than 500 different minerals and stones from all around the world. A different place to visit is the Cando street, where there is a big wall full of graffitis. Here, every year there is a graffiti artist competition, if you like urban art, this would be a good place to go.


Practical data


42° 09′ 43″ N, 8° 37′ 13″ W


Vigo 17 km, Pontevedra 34 km, Madrid 574 km


109 m


19 567 (2016)

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