The most Roman city in Spain

Tarragona is one of the cities in Europe that has best preserved its remains from the past, so it is now a Heritage Site. It is a complete destination since it includes both coast and mountains.

Plan your stay in Tarragona

Things to do in Tarragona normally involve its remains, declared Heritage Site by UNESCO. We would advise you to spend an entire morning visiting them and then paying a visit to the museums and Cathedral in the afternoon. In case you had more time, you should come by Serra de Montsant Park, Poblet Natural Park or Reus.

Do you want to visit this place?

Tarragona allows you to enjoy sights such as Santa Tecla’s Hospital (1171) and the cathedral. Santa Tecla Cathedral (12th-14th century), Gothic in style, even though it was originally built in a Romanesque style, is worth a visit. You cannot miss the Diocesan Museum and the cloister from the 12th century. Some other churches that may be worth a visit are San Lorenzo (13th-14th centuries), San Miguel del Pla (18thcentury), San Agustín (16th century) and Sant Magí, Santa Tecla la Vieja and Sant Pau chapels.

Tarragona’s Jewish remains can be found in the Plaza dels Angels, explained in the Biblical Museum from Tarragona, housed by the Concilios House. Also, visit the National Museum that explains more about the Roman society that used to live here. The Paleo-Christian Necropolis Museum is also quite interesting, and so is Els Munts Roman Villa. A good thing to do is to visit the thermal springs and the Escipiones Tower (1st century). The Roman Theater of Tarragona is still preserved. The Circus (1st century AD) is part of the old city and it has a seating capacity of 30 000 people. Next to it we find the Petrorio Tower, which became the royal palace afterwards. The Forum (1st century BC) has been preserved as part of the basilica. Regarding more Roman remains, Tarragona also has an Amphitheater (2nd century) with a seating capacity of 14 000 spectators. You will also love the Walls from the 2ndcentury, which surrounded the city. It is interesting to notice that the Canals House is part of the wall as well.


Roman Theatre of Tarraco

Some other interesting museums are the Modern Art Museum and Castellarnau Museum (the latter is an old house from the middle ages). Enjoy the Tarragona’s Port Museum and the Banda Lighthouse (19th). The Festa House recalls a famous tradition from 1321. And talking about traditions, the Mediterranean Balcony must be touched if you want to be lucky. Some other remains from the Roman period that you might enjoy are some pieces of an old aqueduct called Pont del Diable and the famous Bará Arch, built in order to honor Augustus. And enjoy the Tamarit medieval fortress from the 11thcentury.Finally, there are many sandy areas in Tarragona, such as the ones in Miracle Beach, Los Capellans, La Savinosa and Long Beach.


que ver en Tarragona
Tarragona's Cathedral
que ver en Tarragona
Roman Forum

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41º 6’ 56” N, 1º 14’ 58” E


Barcelona 98 km, Madrid 551 km


68 m


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