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Atapuerca is one of the most important archeological sites in Europe. It was declared Heritage Site by UNESCO and attracts many visitors every year.

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The caves in the Atapuerca mountain range were formed over a million years ago. Occupied by birds and other animals, they were totally changed when the railroad appeared. The excavations did not start until 1978, and today we know almost 40 caves: archeologists work in 4 of them (Sima del Elefante, Galería, Gran Dolina y Cueva Mayor-Cueva del Silo). The 25 000 bones extracted every year make an important archeological research center out of this place. The best way to get to know this place is by visiting the Visitors Reception Center and Emiliano Aguirre Room, which organizes guided tours to the site.

The visit to the Site starts in the Railroad Trench and then the Compresor Cave Interpretation Center, which explains you about the evolution of humankind. After visiting the most important spots of the site, you should go to Atapuerca Archeological Park, which teaches you about the lifestyle during Prehistory through several restored huts and cave paintings.

Atapuerca’ Archeological Park

The exploitation of the canteens during the 13th century is clear when you visit Atapuerca. Pilgrims doing the Camino de Santiago must visit San Juan de Ortega Sanctuary. As you can see, things to do in Atapuerca always involve its caves and sites. However, if you visit Atapuerca, you must also take some time to visit Burgos.


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42º 21’ 0’’ N, 3º 31’ 10’’ W


Burgos 15 km, Madrid 263 km


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