Places in the Basque Country to Take Movie-Worthy Photos

If you’re a photography aficionado, the coast of the Basque Country is the perfect destination for you. At every turn you’ll find opportunities to take movie-worthy photos. Explore the Basque Country through your camera lens and you’ll become acquainted with everything from the most beautiful landscapes to the most deeply-rooted traditions.


The Basque coast consists of over 175 kilometers of incredible beaches and cliffs, encompassing the beaches of Biscay as well as Gipuzkoa, including Plentzia, Zumaia, and Menakoz. If you want to take photos that look like something out of a romance movie, this is the perfect place for it. The most rugged and untamed beaches, surrounded by nature and intense waves, as well as the beaches near the cities are spaces worth being photographed. If you’re a beach lover, a visit to the Basque Country is a must: you can’t miss it.

fotos de película
Playa Menakoz, Bizkaia
fotos de película
Playa Zumaia, Gipuzkoa


Continuing along the coast, the Basque Country is a surfer’s paradise. The strong waves of the Cantabrian Sea and the wind make it the perfect place for surfing. If you want to reenact scenes from movies like Chasing Mavericks, Blue Horizon, and Point Break, you can do it by taking movie-worthy photos on these beaches. The beaches of Mundaka and Zarautz are a couple of them.

Dónde dormir en Vera de Bidasoa
Playa Sopelana, Bizkaia
fotos de película
Playa Mundaca, Bizkaia


The Basque Country has become a standard bearer in the realms of art and culture. Basque culture is a defining feature of the region. Artists such as Oteiza and Chillida have chosen to install works in coastal Basque cities like San Sebastián. Here you can take gorgeous movie-worthy photos to capture the artistic spirit of the Basque Country.

Esculturas Eduardo Chillida, Gipuzkoa
fotos de película
Escultura Jorge Oteiza, Gipuzkoa


One defining characteristic of Spain’s northern coast is its impressive cliffs. The Basque Country is part of this treasured northern part of the country. Here you can experience nature in its purest state, the wind crashing against the walls of rock. If you’re looking for the best landscapes to take movie-worthy photos, cliffs like the ones in Azkorri are some of your finest options.

fotos de película
Azkorri, Bizkaia
fotos de película
Sakoneta, Gipuzkoa


Spirituality and religious tradition are closely linked with Basque history. You can find severalchurches along the shore. Take advantage of the photo ops of these religious sites’ walls, symbology, and history and the emotions that these places evoke. San Juan de Gaztelugatxe and San Telmo Shrine, in Zumaia, are a couple examples.

fotos de película; acantilados de euskadi
Ermita de San Telmo, Gipuzkoa
fotos de película
San Juan de Gaztelugatxe, Bizkaia

Villages and traditions

The villages on the coast will allow you to take some charming movie-worthy photos. The Basque Country’s architecture is quite unique, as are its traditions. Fishing towns, arts and crafts, regional sports…you’ll never get bored. In addition, these are perfect places to chat with the locals and get to know the authentic essence of the Basque Country. Elantxobe and Getaria are some of our recommendations.

fotos de película
Getaria, Gipuzkoa
fotos de película
Elantxobe, Bizkaia

Text: Fátima González-Besada Gómez

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