The 7 most unique caseríos in the region of San Sebastián

The old Basque legends tell that Saint Martintxiki stole the secrets of agriculture from the Basajaunak, mountain giants. This way, he helped his people to develop the agriculture. Later appeared the caseríos (baserri in Euskera), traditional Basque farmhouses built of stone and wood whose origins date back to medieval times.

Since they were first built, caserios have had a double purpose: as a farmhouse and as a space to house animals that serve for sustenance. There are not so many nowadays but we still find people who continue living like their ancestors. From España Fascinante we have selected 7 of the most unique caseríos of the region of San Sebastián.

Caserío Peluaga

Caserío Peluaga en San Sebastián región.

In a natural environment and only 15 minutes from the city of San Sebastian, we find Caserío Peluaga. It’s a 15th century building completely restored located in the municipality of Oiartzun. Visitors can stay in this typical farmhouse, made of wood and stone collected from the area. They also offer different hiking, gastronomy and agrotourism experiences.

Caserío Igartubeiti

Caserío Igartubeiti en San Sebastián región.

This caserío-museum is located in the Ezquioga-Ichaso municipality, in the area of San Sebastián. Although its origins go back to medieval huts, the part that nowadays is best maintained was built between the 15th and 16th centuries. It stands as an exponent of the Golden Age of the Basque farmhouse. What makes this building unique is its wooden structure, which is in perfect condition together with the cider press.

Caserío Iturraran

Caserío Iturraran en San Sebastián región.

Caserío Iturran, is the perfect place to discover the wonders of Pagoeta Natural Park, a mountain near the city of San Sebastian, located 700 meters high. This farmhouse maintains its original 18th century structure and has been rehabilitated as a Park Interpretation Center. A perfect place to visit with children and show them the world of bees.

Caserío Larrañaga

Caserío Larrañaga en San Sebastián región.

The secret of Caserío Larrañaga is hidden on its unique indoor architecture, with beautiful vaulted stone ceilings. The stonemason Martín de Abaria decided to rebuild the farmhouse, which was affected by a fire in 1711. Nowadays, it works as a hotel and restaurant, serving the best of Basque gastronomy.

Caserío Goikola

Caserío Goikola en San Sebastián región.

Located in the beautiful valley of Lastur and only 10 kilometers from the beach of Deba. This caserío was a hardware store during 14th century and then it was renovated into a rural house. Guests have the possibility of getting to know the process of making wool and idiazábal sheep cheese.

Caserío Aldarreta

Caserío Aldarreta en San Sebastián región.

The origins of this old caserío date back to more than 500 years. It belongs to Ataun village, only 30 minutes away from San Sebastián. Surrounded by a unique natural environment, it offers a wide range of agricultural and farming activities, like visiting its vegetable garden or its farm, as well as adventure sports. 

Caserío Pagorriaga

Caserío Pagorriaga en San Sebastián región.

The main activity offered in this caserío is deer breeding in semi-captivity in order to produce top quality ecological meat. There is also a vegetable garden and a farm with horses, donkeys, goats and sheep. The building that houses this caserio is completely renovated and dates back to 16th century. It has a field of 19 hectares and it is located in Murumendi, 700 meters high.

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