Trout from Navarre

There are many versions of this traditional recipe, which combines meat and fish… and to complete it, we have added a vegetable. Where does it get its name? Trout is a native blue fish from the clean and cold waters of the rivers in Navarre. It’s a very simple recipe to prepare that is usually a second dish on the menu, or a unique plate at dinner according to our own version of the traditional dish.


  • One trout per person
  • 2 slices of ham for each trout
  • Olive oil, garlic, salt, chili and pepper

Shall we begin?

We open the trout through the belly, if we got it from a fishmonger… which saves us a step, and we want to make sure it is cleaned and that the bowels are removed. We dry off the skin and season it, using a little extra chili for this occasion if we’d like. Then we fill each trout with the ham.

In the frying pan, we will warm the olive oil and brown the garlic a little. Once we have the oil at a good temperature, we add the trout to the frying pan. At medium heat, we cook the trout approximately 5 minutes on each side, making sure it is golden and well-cooked on both sides.

We can present them with different garnishes, potatoes being very typical, but for this dinner we have opted for a salad with lettuce and red cabbage.

Enjoy your meal!

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