Who said Halloween is just for Children?

Halloween is the perfect excuse to take a break and disconnect. We tend to think that this day is just for kids…. But it isn’t!! Try preparing some terrific cupcakes and sharing them with your colleagues and workmates at the office! They will be surprised by these original and delicious creations!


Ghost Cupcakes

Magdalena halloween

Buuuuuuuuuuu! These cupcakes are really easy to prepare. You will just need whiped cream, chantilly cream or meringue to create the shape of your ghost. You can prepare the eyes by melting white chocolate and doing a circle (repeat the process with black chocolate).

magdalenas fantasmas

Use some molds (handmade) with ghost shape and drop melted white chocolate inside. Let it cool down in the fridge for 20 minutes. When it gets hard, we can do the eyes and mouth by using black melted chocolate and we cool it down again!

If we want the ghost to remain pasted to the cupcake, we need to drop some melted chocolate on the top.

magdalenas halloween

These ones are really easy! By using a marshmallow you’ll create a perfect Halloween cupcake…

Pumpking Cupcake

halloween magdalena calabaza

The sweetest cupcakes for Halloween! Add some red foodpaint to the dough and to the whiped cream. Once baked, cut the cupcake in two halfs and put some whiped cream inside (as if it was a sandwich). To create the theet you can use candies and for the eyes, melted chocolate!!

Witch Cupcakes

halloween magdalenas bruja

A classical in Halloween. Witches are always the protagonists of the night. Do the hat shape with some cardboard and then use melted chocolate. It is really easy!!! And, if you are inspired, decorate it by adding as many details as you want…

Bat Cupcake

halloween magdalena murcielago

If you are a chocolate lover, this may be your dream! To create the wings you will need oreo cookies and then chocolate whiped cream, melted chocolate eyes and a lot of art for joining it all together as it is done in the picture. Good luck!

Mummy Cupcakes

halloween magdalenas momia

If you want to do something easy but you are looking for a nice result, try preparing these delicious and simple (very simple) cupcakes. You just need to do white lines over a cupcake with whiped cream or melted white chocolate! Add the chocolate eyes… and ready to go!

Text: María Jesús Colombo

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