The best taverns for Pintxos in Vitoria

We move to the center of Vitoria to visit some taverns where you can try some of the best pintxos (a ‘Basque-ified’ take on the Spanish word ‘pincho’). The pintxos in Vitoria have traditional flavors, and we have discovered that this province has many  gastronomic customs. The pintxos here are a sample of good Basque cuisine, which we can combine with exquisite wines. This is a route to take into consideration if you visit Euskadi.

The Rincón de Luis Mari

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Bar El Rincón de Luis Mari (Fuente:

For the pintxos in Vitoria we first go to the Rincón de Luis Mari (the Corner of Luis Mari), a tavern with a family atmosphere. At the bar you can taste different pintxos made with excellent quality products. One of the most popular ones is the “Antxopi,” a pintxo of Santoña anchovies, boiled egg, mayonnaise and piquillo peppers. You will also find crab canapés, egg tarts, mushrooms and many other delicacies here.


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Bar PerretxiCo (Fuente:

PerretxiCo is another of the establishments where we can find pintxos in Vitoria. The cuisine stands out for the harmony with which the most classic ingredients are combined, creating the most contemporary pintxos. With their careful presentation, PerretxiCo was the winner of the Innovation Award in the Euskal Herria Pintxo contest in 2013. As if that were not enough, they were crowned as the Best Pintxos Bar in Spain in 2011.

Some of the most modern creations include the turrón de foie with curry, fresh yogurt and rocas bronceadas, or the carpaccio of Txuleta with Idiazábal, with truffled vinaigrette and almonds, among other pintxos.


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Bar Restaurante Saburdi (Fuente:

In the lively and busy street of Dato we will find this tavern along with the next two, all essential stops on this route of pintxos in Vitoria. Their pintxos are miniature bites that seek the traditional flavors fused with an original staging. Among the snacks is the candied cod with potato, green peppers for San Sebastian and seaweed, and the “Anchoilla” of tuna with mayonnaise, tomato jelly, and green olive tapenade.


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Bar Usokari (Fuente:

This is a tavern where you can enjoy the hustle and bustle while you find pintxos in Vitoria. With a slightly simpler presentation, the here pintxos have a special flavor that is reminiscent of the most characteristic dishes of Euskadi. In Usokari you will be able to taste the oblea de bacalao (cod pintxo), the stuffed puff pastry, and the artichoke with foie and reducción de Módena… It’s a nice place to eat or dine.

The Regadera

de pintxos por Vitoria
Restaurante La Regadera (Fuente:

In the pedestrian center of Vitoria is La Regadera, another one of the sites on the list that serves delicious pintxos in Vitoria. With a cozy environment, La Regadera’s pintxos conquer the palate with the “Txi-Txa-Rro”, a fish pintxo that was born as a homage to the sea and that is marinated with seaweeds in different textures and sauces, as well as the “Txerri-mx”, a stew of cheeks with different textures. They work a lot with fish and vegetables to create innovative presentations.

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