Gastronomic Places Around Las Ventas

The area around the Plaza de Toros (bullfighting ring) de Las Ventas is perfect for discovering castiza (authentic) cuisine and traditional flavors. Among the most succulent dishes and recipes that have been perfected over the years is the bull’s tail. Not only can you find it in stew, but in other forms like a hamburger. Many of the restaurants in Las Ventas are known for serving authentic dishes and are ideal for a good pintxos (appetizer) or for an abundant meal.

Puerta Grande

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Restaurante Puerta Grande

If you are looking for a restaurant at “Las Ventas” with a atmosphere that is keen on bullfighting, Puerta Grande is the one. Bullfighting fans know it as one of the most representative of the area; And the menu, of course, has bull’s tail as a specialty. This restaurant has a large room perfect for large groups and diners who are willing to try the complete menus, with prices ranging from 20 euros.

For dishes to share, we suggest a good plate of Iberian sausages and sweetbreads of suckling lambs with garlic. The property has a small library on bullfighting that accompanies its decorations.

El Capote

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Bar El Capote

El Capote is another of the restaurants in “Las Ventas” that has homemade food and a bang for your buck with their “menú del día,” which is the menu they offer solely during the afternoons. The dining room is decorated with a large photograph of the Plaza de toros de Las Ventas. Besides the bull’s tail, the croquettes here are incredible.

La Giralda Tavern

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Restaurante La Giralda (Fuente:

We continue in “Las Ventas,” but we have moved to Andalusia thanks to the type of gastronomy. Near the Plaza de Toros, you will find this Tapas tavern with a friendly atmosphere. You can order a few portions of dogfish in marinade, white prawns from Huelva, shrimp croquettes, Andalusian squid, and more… You can also taste delicious sausages and high quality conserves. You can also drink a cool, fresh chamomile.

Quinta La Candela

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Bar Quinta La Candela (Fuente:

Located in front of the Plaza de Toros de Last Ventas, this bar tends to be crowded due to its menu with products derived from Iberian pork, like the ham and the loin. Other specialties include salmorejo (a purée consisting of tomato and bread), cheeses, callos (a traditional stew), and the hamburger from bull’s tail, one of the most requested dishes. Because of its close proximity, it is perfect for both snacking and dining.


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Cervecería Jarritus (Fuente:

On Alcalá Street we find this traditional cuisine brewery. The bull tail with boletus (a type of mushroom) has become the star dish on their menu. Jarritus is a bullfighting themed brewery with a bar full of pinxtos (appetizers) where you can stop to have a snack before enjoying an actual meal. The Iberian products, cod croquettes, Iberian sirloin and a wide variety of wines and beers stand out. They offer a daily menu (menú del día) and their desserts are homemade.

Nuevo Rincón de Jaén

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El Nuevo Rincón de Jaén (Fuente:

Also in Calle de Alcalá you can eat in the Nuevo Rincón de Jaén, a bar in the area of Las Ventas where you can order canapés, seafood and salads. Andalusian-style, its terrace is an excellent stop to drink a caña, a small glass of beer, (served with a lot of artistry) accompanied by a tapa. If you decide to order canapés, the Nuevo Rincón de Jaén has 25 options, among which you will find the appetizer of onion pudding with pine nuts; that of “jabuguito” (a type of sausage) with tumaca (a tomato paste); and the pickled mussels, among others. It is ideal for tapas.

Text: María Jesús Colombo

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