Best places in San Sebastián to eat tortilla de patata

For breakfast, lunch or snack, eating tortilla de patata in San Sebastián is a pleasure that everyone should try and, if you know where to go, things get much better. Pintxos enjoy a significant reputation in Euskadi cuisine and tortilla is one of the most popular. There are many options if you want to enjoy tortilla in San Sebastian and all places have something special. We recommend you some of the best to try a delicious tortilla in San Sebastián, Gipuzkoa.

Bar Néstor

tortilla en San Sebastián
Foto: Facebook Bar Néstor

All bars sell tortilla in San Sebastian, but one of the most famous is Bar Néstor . They even have a waiting list, because they only take out two tortillas a day (at 1 and 8 o’clock) and, if you want to try one of their pintxos, you must sign up on the list at least one hour before. The wait will be worth it, they usually sell out! Their tortilla is golden-brown on the outside, juicy on the inside and made with green pepper. Located in the Old Town, in this place you can also order XL-size tomatoes, gildas (traditional pintxos), peppers from Padrón and a nice steak from the north.

Bodega Donostiarra

tortilla en San Sebastián
Foto: Facebook Bodega Donostiarra

In the neighborhood of Gros you will find Bodega Donostiarra, a place more than praised by its guests to eat tortilla in San Sebastian. In this case the portions are individual, and tortillas are made at the moment. They can be ordered at the desired point, thicker or fluffier. Their texture is usually creamy and the best way to enjoy it is sitting at the bar while checking out to order more pintxos. They also prepare other recipes, such as the anchovy omelet.

Bar Zabaleta

tortilla en San Sebastián
Foto: Facebook Bar Zabaleta

Another bar that is considered a must when looking for a place to eat tortilla in San Sebastián, is the Bar Zabaleta, also in the neighborhood of Gros and near Zurriola beach. They prepare juicy tortillas and pintxos with an incomparable flavor. Their tortilla is one of the best in the city and, if you want to enjoy it home you can ask for take away. On weekends, tortillas do not stop coming out, so everything is always fresh.

Juantxo Taberna

tortilla en San Sebastián
Foto: Facebook Juantxo Taberna

For those who prefer or want or try the sandwich tortilla in San Sebastián, Juantxo Taberna is an establishment with a huge tradition. We recommend that you take the tortilla sandwich away and eat it in the port or at the, enjoying the sea breeze. It is a small place, but with a lot of charm and a good quality price relation. The sandwiches are prepared at the moment and you can try tortilla in its best versions: classic or stuffed.  There various to choose from txaka (salad of crab sticks), ham, peppers …  Although the place is usually full of people, you will be quickly served.

Bar Azkena

tortilla en San Sebastián
Foto: Facebook Bar Azkena

In la Bretxa Market, we find Bar Azkena, a place to try top quality pintxos and other original recipes for those who are not afraid to try original flavors. You can taste the classic tortilla or any of its delicious versions such as squid with white sauce, cod and green pepper with onion sauce, mushroom sauce tortilla…there is a never-ending list! Without a doubt, a perfect option to eat like a local in San Sebastián.

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