Sleep in Vera de Bidasoa – Bera

Sleep in Vera de Bidasoa

On the banks of the Bidasoa River, on the border with Guipúzcoa, is located Vera de Bidasoa – Bera. It is a picturesque village that has an interesting urban center full of buildings of great heritage value. If you want to visit this beautiful town you will be interested to know where to sleep in Vera de Bidasoa. The possibilities are good and of great quality.

Dónde dormir en Vera de Bidasoa
Dónde dormir en Vera de Bidasoa
Casa Itzea

You can find all kind of accommodations where to sleep in Vera de Bidasoa. The hotel Churrut is one of the main establishment of the town. It is located in an original building from the 18th century. It is rehabilitated and converted into a charming hotel that offers its customers a total of 18 rooms. The rooms are comfortable and perfectly equipped to ensure a quality stay in them. It also has other services as a good restaurant and meeting and event rooms.

Another good place where to sleep in Vera de Bidasoa is Zalain. It is a hostel where you can find 10 rooms of different categories and characteristics. The facilities have attractive services as its restaurant that serves traditional food and it is very famous in the town. The extra point is two rooms that have hot tub so your rest will be even more complete.

Lastly, the Hostal Auzoa is recommendable if you want to sleep in Vera de Bidasoa, right in its heart. It is located in the main square. Among its services, the restaurant with a terrace that has views to the river stands out.

Dónde dormir en Vera de Bidasoa
Hostal Auzoa
Dónde dormir en Vera de Bidasoa

If you are looking for accommodation to sleep in Vera de Bidasoa and its surroundings we recommend you to stay in the town Etxalar, around 11km away from Vera de Bidasoa. There is the rural house Olagaraia. It has a modern style. It is a 17th century house offering 5 rooms that are rented separately. It can boast of being a very bright accommodation whose common space is a room with a fireplace.

Around more less the same distance and also on the banks of the Bidasoa river, you can stay in the Hostal Rural Onbordi in the town Lesaka. The are where it is located is perfect for fishing, hiking or cycling because it is surrounded by the forest. They offer dining room service, they have terrace, porch and a bar-café.

Dónde dormir en Vera de Bidasoa
Dónde dormir en Vera de Bidasoa
Hostal Rural Onbordi

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