Sleep in Pontevedra

Sleep in Pontevedra

The provincial capital takes its name from the “old bridge” at the bottom of the estuary. Pontevedra is located next to the estuary of the Lérez River in an environment of high tourist and scenic focus, in conjunction with remarkable places such as O Grove, Combarro and Cambados. The Convent of Santo Domingo or the Church of Santa María la Mayor are some of the jewels of Renaissance Gothic art from the North, which makes Pontevedra the perfect place to enjoy a good Albariño wine. We give you a few options to choose the perfect place to sleep in Pontevedra.

Convento de San Francisco en la ciudad de Pontevedra
Convento de San Francisco
Dónde dormir y qué ver en Pontevedra ciudad

El Parador de Pontevedra es nuestra primera opción para dormir en Pontevedra, palacio renacentista donde residían antiguamente los Condes de Maceda. El encanto del decorado y su estilo señorial en un entorno de playas y calas, invita a alojarse en él.

The Parador de Pontevedra is our first option to sleep in Pontevedra. It is a Renaissance palace where Maceda Counts used to live. The charm of the decoration and its stately style in an environment of beaches and coves, invites you to stay in it.

As second choice we highlight the Hotel Virgen del Camino. It is quite close to the historic old town where all the monuments and business of the town are. It is located less than 500 metres away from the Convent of San Francisco and the Art Museum. It is also really well connected to the bus station. The Hotel Galicia Palace is in the heart of the town and it is an ideal accommodation to discover Pontevedra and its surroundings. It is also well connected because it is close to the train and bus station where you will be able to enjoy the best local cuisine.

The most affordable option but staying close enough to the old town is the Hotel Avenida. You will pay moreless half the price than on the previous options and it is also close to the center of Pontevedra.

Dónde dormir en Pontevedra
Parador de Pontevedra
Dónde dormir en Pontevedra
Hotel Avenida

If you want to visit the area but you do not need to sleep in Pontevedra and you prefer to visit some close villages, the albergue Peregrino is an interesting option. This shelter is located between the villages Matalobos and Albeiro and it is just some minutes by car away from the city.

Dónde dormir en Pontevedra
Albergue Peregrino

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