Sleep in Cambados

Sleep in Cambados

The municipality from Pontevedra, which integrates the special Xacobea route of the Camino de Santiago, is the epicentric capital of the Rías Baixas. We want to recommend you some places to sleep in Cambados so you can enjoy its touristic and cultural offer. In your visit to Cambados you will be able to visit the Palacio de Fefiñanes Wineries or the Ethnographic Wine Museum, both consecrated to white albariño wine. If you want to sleep in Cambados, in this page we give you our recommendations.

Iglesia de San Benito
Palacio de Fenfiñanes

The first place we want to recommend you is the Parador de Cambados. This place is located in the old Pazo de Bazán and it is located in an old country house. This is a benchmark in terms of pazos within all Galicia. The gardens and inner courtyards are incredible, you will be able to enjoy the environment and the local flora.

Our second recommendation is the Pazo a Capitana. It stands out due to its exclusivity and its perfect location, just 10 minutes away from the beach and 200 metres away from Cambados downtown. It has its own winery that you should visit. This is a really good place to sleep in Cambados.

The Ribeira de Fefiñans is the most economical option of the town offer. It is 10 minutes walking away of the main interesting places of the town. Here you will be able to enoy its great selection of pintxos.

Dónde dormir en Cambados
Parador de Cambados
Dónde dormir en Cambados
Pazo a Capitana

There are not a lot of options in Cambados surroundings. However, you can stay in the Casa de Grande, this is the closest accommodation. It has 9 rooms joined by a corridor with a musical thread, which later becomes imperceptible as you enter the privacy of your room. It is a really good option for family holidays.

The Hotel San Marcos Salnés is located in the middle of a natural area but it is 20 minutes away by car of the beach. It also has a swimming pool.

Dónde dormir en Cambados
Casa De Grande
Dónde dormir en Cambados
Hotel San Marcos

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