Sleep in Baiona

Sleep in Baiona

Baiona is one of the key point while visiting the Rias Baixas. Its location make it easy to visit the Cíes Islands and to enjoy sports and fishing boats. It includes the mouth of the Vigo estuary and, beyond its historical importance, Baiona is known for its National Parador and its offer of Pontevedra gastronomy. If you want to sleep in Baiona, in this page we give you our recommendations to choose the best place.

The best options to sleep in Baiona are located in the Northern area of Baiona, close to the Montreal Castle and the Virxe da Rocha. These are interesting place to visit if you are in the area.

The first option to sleep in Baiona is the Hotel Bahía Bayona. Its tranquility and its quality-price ratio stand out. It also has a really good location, a few metres away from the beach. Its meals are nice and abundant.

The Hotel Anunciada has a more rural style. However is one of the most demanded due to its location. It is close to the Baiona port and it is in a historic building.

Of course, we also have to recommend you the Parador de Baiona. Maybe for some people this is out of budget, however, it is a perfect opportunity to stay in an old walled fortress. It is surrounded by a pine forest that opens in front of the ocean.

The Casa do Marqués is another good option, it is cheaper and it is located close to the old town. Its location is incredible, it is on the sea front. It is also near the marina where the night is most animated, and it is recognized by the proximity and the treatment of the owners and staff.

Dónde dormir en Baiona
Hotel Bahía Baiona
Dónde dormir en Baiona
Parador de Baiona

If you don’t care about staying on the old town, you can find good accommodations on the surroundings of Baiona. Talaso Atlántico is located on the southern area at the base of the mountain. It has an elegant eastern style and its bathrooms have ocean views. You can enjoy it for around 100 euros.

If you are not looking for luxury places, you can spend half the money staying in the Hotel Miramar. It is located close to some beaches on the area. Besides it is close to the municipality of Nigrán. If sleeping and resting are your priorities, this is a wonderful option.

Dónde dormir en Baiona
Talaso Atlántico

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