Sleep in Verín

Sleep in Verín

This municipality has one of the largest fortified complexes in Galicia, apart from being one of the most famous villages in the north because of its spas, such as those of Cabreiroá or those of Fontenova. Here, tourists take a bath because of their supposed healing waters, and then they visit the most special buildings, which we explain in our guide of what to see in Verín. If you want to know where to sleep in Verín, in this page we give you our recommendations.

A good option to sleep in Verín, not in the centre but in the village is the Parador de Verín. This is a place with great facilities due to its size and to its service offer. The views are incredible and the decoration is great. It has swimming pool and garden, it is one of the most requested accommodations in the are due to its quality and the excellent treatment of its staff.

The Hotel Villa de Verín is located in the centre and it is more modern. It has a good quality-price ratio. If you are a pilgrim doing the Way to Santiago this is a great option because they have quality rooms compared with shelters and pensions. It is highly recommended for spending a night.

If you want a simpler option, you can sleep in the Hosta / Pension Ribeiro Claro. It has a bar and restaurant area. The rooms are well equipped so your rest will be great, some of them even have a terrace.

Dónde dormir en Verín
Parador de Verín
Dónde dormir en Verín
Hotel Villa de Verín

The O Retiro do Conde is just 5 km away of Verín. This is a great place to rest and to enjoy a great accommodation. It has a really good decoration with a special charm. We are sure you will like this place and you will recommend it to your friends.

A bit farther away from Verín, 16 km away, is the Hotel Restaurante Bayona. This is a place of transit where you can stop to eat in an exemplary way and to sleep in their rooms decorated in a simple and ordinary way.

Dónde dormir en Verín
O Retiro do Conde
Dónde dormir en Verín
Hotel Restaurante Bayona

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