Sleep in Foz y San Martiño de Mondoñedo

Sleep in Foz y San Martín de Mondoñedo

A coastal town with all the typical features of the Mediterranean but in the Cantabrian Sea. And as an advantage, you can visit the Beach of the Cathedrals, one of the most famous beaches in Spain. Very close to this town is the basilica of San Martiño de Mondoñedo. It is the oldest basilica in the Iberian Peninsula. If you want to sleep in Foz or in San Martiño de Mondoñedo, in this page we give you our recommendations.

To sleep in Foz, we highlight a place that deserves a better rating for the services it offers. In the Hotel Isla Nova, tourist are impressed because of its perfect location and the possibility of seeing the sea from your room, a luxury. Finally, at the breakfast buffet you will enjoy a diverse Mediterranean cuisine that will make you come back.

A little bit farther from the center is the Hotel Spa Casa Conors, ideal for a resting day with your partner or friends. In addition to the Spa, there is also a swimming pool where you will be able to relax in order to continue with your day. Besides all of this, this place has also parking and breakfast included. To sum up, this is a good place to sleep in Foz.

Another option to enjoy Foz is the Hotel Leyton. If you don’t have any other option, this hotel has a really good location and its rooms are so cozy.

Dónde dormir en Foz
Hotel Isla Nova
Dónde dormir en Foz
Hotel Spa Casa Conors

A 12km en coche del centro de Foz, te podrás alojar en un lugar como Casa Do Merlo, precioso sitio que te hará repetir estancia, ya que cuenta con un restaurante único que ofrece productos de la zona, presentados de una manera excepcional.

There is a really good accommodation offer in Foz surroundings. You will find perfect establishments. We want to recommend you the Refugio O Castro. Do you like stunning views? Then, you have to go to this place, you will be in sea-front. They also have really good services, as for example its breakfast or its impeccable cleanliness, and of course an exceptional treatment, which makes it one of the most demanded places in the area.

Dónde dormir en Foz
Refugio O Castro
Dónde dormir en Foz
Casa Do Merlo

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