Sleep in Almendralejo

Guide to sleep Almendralejo

Known by its inhabitants as ” City of Wine ”, this municipality located in Tierra de Barros, is visited by a good part of tourists for its heritage. There is the Church of Our Lady of Purification, being one of the most important buildings for its design, or the Sanctuary of Mercy, with a rather curious history. We collect all on our page about what to see in Almendralejo.

Now is the time to know where are the best places to sleep in Almendralejo.

We mainly emphasize three accommodations to sleep in Almendralejo. Among them, our best option would be the Hotel Los Angeles, in an excellent location, being one step away from the main businesses of the city. The rooms are very well equipped, their workers are very attentive with the guests, and the hotel have tourist information of the area.

An alternative is the Hotel Acosta Centro, with swimming pool and solarium for the enjoyment of its clients. Its restaurant specializes in local food, offering diners modern and avant-garde food, and is located in a very central location.

Our third recommendation to sleep in Almendralejo is the Hotel Dulcinea, with a staff that will make you feel at home. The terrace will be a place where you spend most of your time, and its reception is open 24 hours a day.

Dónde dormir en Almendralejo
Hotel Los Angeles
Dónde dormir en Almendralejo
Hotel Acosta Centro

On the outskirts is the Hotel Acosta Vetonia, highly recommended for the tranquility that is breathed and the large pool that it has. It is accessed quite well, and the rooms are very well decorated.

In Aceuchal there is the Hotel Frijón, with quite spacious and cozy rooms. Its facilities are quite clean, and the great atmosphere, but at the same time quiet, will be a determining factor for you to come back here.

Dónde dormir en Almendralejo
Hotel Acosta Vetonia
Dónde dormir en Almendralejo
Hotel Frijón

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