Sleep in Medina de Rioseco

Sleep in Medina de Rioseco

Medina de Rioseco was one of the most important towns of the province of Valladolid in the XVIII and XIX centuries. Nowadays it’s a very popular place for many reasons. The Santa María de Mediavilla Church, the
Monastery of San Francisco and the Plaza Mayor are the most photographed places, due to their beauty and singularity.

Here are the best places to stay in Medina de Rioseco.

Canal de Castilla.
Interior del Museo de San Francisco en Medina de Rioseco.

The Hotel Vittoria Colonna is currently the best place to stay in Medina de Rioseco. It has comfortable and chic rooms, all of them well-equipped. The location is excellent and the restaurant offers traditional cuisine and regional wines.

Hostal Duque de Osuna is a value for money hostel. It is well-equipped and the staff is very kind and helpful. The decoration is normal and the furniture is classic. The reception is available 24 hours.

Last, but not least, the Hostal La Muralla, located in the very center of Medina de Rioseco, a good place to spend one night.

Dónde dormir en Medina de Rioseco
Hotel Vittoria Colonna
Dónde dormir en Medina de Rioseco
Hostal Duque de Osuna

When we cross the Sequillo river, we find the Hotel Rural India Chica. The service is good and the building is OK. It’s a good option to stay outside of Medina de Rioseco.

8 km from the village we find the rural house El Cobijo de la Reina, a very friendly place with kind staff. The hall and the rooms stand out.

Dónde dormir en Medina de Rioseco
Hotel Rural India Chica
Dónde dormir en Medina de Rioseco
Casa Rural El Cobijo de la Reina

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