Sleep in Miranda del Castañar

Sleep in Miranda del Castañar

The inhabitants of this village say that the mountains are like a egg and Miranda is its yolk. The main attraction of this place is the wall with its four 13th century gates. The Castle tower and the town hall bell tower have to be visited.

If you want to stay in Miranda del Castañar, here are our suggestions.

One of our favourite places to stay in Miranda del Castañar is the Posada Miranda, because of its beautiful location, in a biosphere reserve surrounded by the mountains of the Sierra de Francia. The terrace has a special view. This inn has been declared of architectural interest by the Junta of Castile and León. It is accessible for disabled guests and very clean.

The Posada de San Ginés is a inn located in the historical center of Miranda del Castañar, close to the castle and the bull ring. It offers all kinds of amenities, including the toothbrush. The breakfast is plentiful, with homemade pastries and local products.

The Hotel Casa Claudia is also noteworthy. It’s a complex of three rural houses that respect the environment. Two of the houses are for up to 2 people, the other is for up to 6 guests. They are modest, with a simple decoration.

Dónde dormir en Miranda del Castañar
Posada Miranda
Dónde dormir en Miranda del Castañar
Posada de San Giné

One of the closest villages to Miranda del Castañar is Cepeda, where we find the Valle de Cepeda apartment. It’s a comfortable and clean apartment, with a private bathroom and a whirlpool bath. They offer a bike rental service, very useful in that area.

Dónde dormir en Miranda del Castañar
Valle de Cepeda

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