Sleep in Sahagún

Sleep in Sahagún

Sahagún is a town located between the Cea and Valderaduey rivers. It was consolidated one day with the arrival of the Orden de Cluny (Cluny Order) and later with the Way to Santiago. In your stay in Sahagún you have to visit the different interesting points of the town. A lot of this places have been declared of Cultural Interest, as for example the San Lorenzo Church or the Real de San Benito Monastery ruins among others. If you are planning to sleep in Shagún, we recommend you to read our suggestion list, it will help you to choose the best accommodation to fit you and your needs.

Dónde dormir en Sahagún
Iglesia de San Lorenzo
Dónde dormir en Sahagún
Monasterio Real de San Benito

The first option to sleep in Sahagún is the Hotel Balcones del Camino. It is located right in the center of the town. In the rooms they pay special attention to the style. The handles of the doors or the handlebars of the wash basin are solicitous chosen to complete the style of the house.

A good alternative to the previous one is the Hostal Domus Viatoris, this place it is specially thought for pilgrims. It has common areas where you can meet other guests doing the Camino. The rooms are nice with simple and eclectic style.

Another place that we really like is the Hostal La Bastide du Chemin. This is a rustic style accommodation located in the center of Sahagún. It has rooms with all the essential toilet amenities. It also has some specific services for pilgrims as bags transfer, lockers or an area for parking bikes.

Dónde dormir en Sahagún
Hostal Domus Viatoris
Dónde dormir en San Juan de Villapañada
Albergue Gontam

We also recommend you El Jardín de la Huerta in Galleguillos del Campo. It is located some minutes away from Sahagún by car. This place has very quiet rooms despite on the fact that they are old. It also has heated swimming-pool and a bar with pool. The worst part of this place is the breakfast.

Dónde dormir en Sahagún
El Jardín de la Huerta

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