Sleep in Peñalba de Santiago

Sleep in Peñalba de Santiago

This village was an old hermits settlement known as “Valle del Silencio” (Silence Valley) and it is the beginning of the Valle del Río Oza (Oza River Valley). In your visit to Peñalba de Santiago, it is interesting to visit the church. Santiago de Peñalba church is a jewel of Mozarabic architecture from the 10th century. If you are planning to sleep in Peñalba de Santiago, we give you a list with the accommodations available in the town.

Arcos en Peñalba de Santiago

There are few places to stay in Peñalba de Santiago, the Casa Elba is one of them. It is a small rural house. It is in proper condition, the rooms have a modern decoration and the beds are very comfortable. It has a terrace perfect to see the sunset or to have some refreshment at night in summer.

You can also stay in the Casa Turpesa. This option is quite older than the previous one and its beds look worn. It is located few metres far from the Peñalba de Santiago church and it has a café on the same distance. It has two rooms and some table games on the living room.

Dónde dormir en Peñalba de Santiago
Casa Elba
Dónde dormir en Peñalba de Santiago
Casa Turpesa

You can find Manzanedo de Valdueza some minutes away by car from Peñalba de Santiago. There, we recommend you to stay in the Casa Bell. It is a complete house with similar characteristics to the previous houses. It is located 11 km away from Ponferrada. In the house there is a barbeque and it also has a children’s play area.

10 km South from Peñalba de Santiago there is another accommodation in Odollo, it is Carriles Romanos. This is a modest place to stay for a quite high price due to its location in the Lleiroso valley where you can enjoy several hiking routes.

Dónde dormir en Peñalba de Santiago
Casa Bell
Dónde dormir en Peñalba de Santiago
Carriles Romanos

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