Sleep in Castrojériz

Sleep in Castrojériz

Castrojériz is a place where a lot of pilgrims of the Camino de Santiago stop every day. Moreover, you will have the possibility of visiting beautiful places like the Colegiata de Santa María del Manzano or the castle ruins. In our web page of Castrojériz you can see the next events in this town. To take full advantage of your stay, here we give you our recommendations.

Ruinas del Hospital San Antón
Casas típicas

Hotel La Cachava is a lovely hotel, one of the pilgrims’ favourites. The comfort and the good restaurant stand out. The staff is appropriate and competent. Another option to spend the night is La Posada de Castrojériz, a smart place but not very attractive for the price of his rooms. The location of the hotel is quite good and the decoration too.

You also have the possibility of staying in the Emebed Posada Castrojériz. With no doubt whatsoever, this hotel is our top recommendation. The owner is probably losing money, because the services that they offer seem like those of the Ritz or the Palace. Location, quality, cleanliness, staff treatement…you will love it!

And finally a recommendation for the pilgrims. In the Iacobus hotel they will be in their element, because it’s decorated with Camino themes and it offers excellent services at good price.

For a cheaper option, you could stay in the Camino de Santiago hostel, very recommended by ours pilgrims community.

Dónde dormir en Castrojeriz
Hotel La Cachava
Dónde dormir en Castrojeriz
La Posada de Castrojériz

We can recommend you places outside of Castrojériz. The Hotel Doña Mayo is located 22 km from Castrojériz, in the village of Frómista. When you enter in their rooms, you will escape from reality. If you are looking for privacy, this is your place.

There is a cheaper option, the Hotel Rio Cabia, located in Cabia, 25 km from Castrojériz. A normal hotel where you can spend the night with your partner or with your friends. It has free WiFi and pets are admitted.

Dónde dormir en Castrojeriz
Hotel Doña Mayor

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