Sleep in Briviesca

Sleep in Briviesca

This town is located in a strategic geographical situation, because in the past the Romans used it as the crossing point of different Roman roads.

The Romans left a rich heritage and the inhabitants made a profit of it. To enjoy your visit, visit the page What to see in Briviesca.

Iglesia de Santa María que hay que ver en Briviesca
Ex-colegiata de Santa María
Panorámica de la Plaza Mayor de Briviesca con Ayuntamiento
Plaza Mayor

I you want to stay in the historical center, the Hotel Isabel should be your choice. During your stay you will feel great thanks to the excellent cleanliness of the rooms.  They are very friendly and they have an efficient WiFi network, one of the best in Spain.

If you want to enjoy your stay with your family and friends, you can do it in the Hotel El Valles, that is specialized in weddings and events. It’s an option to sleep in Briviesca, even if it’s located next to the highway and the restaurant is ordinary.

Finally, if you are not looking for a hotel, you should stay in the Hostal La Vid, a very recommendable hostel. One of the strengths is the human factor, there you will feel like at home. Clean and comfortable, don’t miss the free buffet breakfast.

Dónde dormir en Briviesca
Hotel Isabel
Dónde dormir en Briviesca
Hotel El Vallés

Even if it was a strategic place throughout the history, in the surrounding area of Briviesca we find a lot of rural houses. In Lerma, 10 km from Briviesca, you could stay in El Palomar de la Cuesta, a nice well-equipped rural house. The owners are very kind and helpful.

A few kilometres from there, in Villanasur-Río de Oca, we find a fairy tale place. Hotel Boutique Valle De Oca is a quiet, fashionable hotel, very different from the rest. The decoration is very special and the breakfasts are personalized. It’s really charming.

Dónde dormir en Briviesca
El Palomar de la Cuesta
Dónde dormir en Briviesca
Hotel Valle de Oca

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