Sleep in Belorado

Sleep in Belorado

Belorado is a town next to Burgos that is located in the middle of the French Camino de Santiago. There are different interesting places to visit like his Plaza Mayor, the San Pedro church and the Santa María church. Normally there are a lot of hostels and cheap hotels for pilgrims.

Do you want to know where to sleep in Belorado? We selected the best places to stay in this town.

Near the Santa María la Mayor church we find the Casa Rural Verdeancho, a charming place where the rooms, even if they are small, are finely decorated. Wooden beams and stone walls. You really feel like home. Very good location and perfect cleanliness. If you go by bike they have a place to leave it during the night.

Another good option to sleep in Belorado is the Albergue El Corro, that all pilgrims recommend for the fantastic treatment.  Home-cooked meals and very clean.

Our third option is the Albergue Cuatro Cantones, remodeled en 2016, the perfect hostel for pilgrims. They have beds, bunk beds (very high), individual shelves and a socket near every bed.

One of the strengths of the hostel is the swimming pool that is located in a interior garden.

It’s a special place recommended for its good value for money. They open from March to October.

Dónde dormir en Belorado
Casa Rural Verdeancho
Dónde dormir en Belorado
Albergue de Peregrinos Cuatro Cantones

Belorado is a small town, so the hostels could bu full, due to the high volume of pilgrims that spend the night in this town. It’s for this reason that we recommend you two places to stay in the surrounding area.

In Quintanilla del Monte en Rioja (10 minutes by car) we find La Aldea Encantada, a hostel with a friendly treatment and that takes care of the slightest detail. Pretty rooms, clean and functional.  Home-cooked meals are very tasty.

A little bit outside the town we find the hotel Mihotelito, in Viloria de Rioja. The rooms are very nice and they have a hall with a fireplace. A fashionable hotel for a weekend of peace and quiet.

Dónde dormir en Belorado
La Aldea Encantada
Dónde dormir en Belorado
Mi Hotelito

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