Sleep in Navas del Marqués

Sleep in Navas del Marqués

Navas del Marqués is located southeast of the Guadarrama river and it has historically been linked to the Dávila family. You can visit this village in a day as its main attractions are the Magalia Castle and the convent of Santo Domingo y San Pablo. In any case, you can take a trip to Cebreros or to El Tiemblo, to visit the Bulls of Guisando.

If you want to stay in Navas del Marqués, here are our suggestions.

Our first option is the Tres Cruces Apartment, a friendly house for up to 6 people, with a terrace and a balcony. It’s located in a perfect area to practice horse riding and hiking. The house is very clean and the owner is very kind, and you can get a free drink at his bar.

The Casa del Cura is another house for up to 9 people. You can rent the entire house or each room separately. The rooms are clean and the decoration is simple. This kind of place is perfect if you want to be independent, using the kitchen and the common areas.

Our third option is the Del Marqués apartment, that is similar to those mentioned above and it’s located in the very centre of Navas del Marqués.

Dónde dormir en Navas del Marqués
Tres Cruces Apartment
Dónde dormir en Navas del Marqués

5 km from Navas del Marqués, in the village of Las Herreras, we find the two floor rural house La Escuela. The house is well-equipped and it’s located in a natural and relaxing environment, perfect if you want to practice cycling, hiking and even fishing.

Dónde dormir en Corral de Almaguer
La Escuela

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