Sleep in Cestona – Zestoa

Sleep in Cestona – Zestoa

Cestona is located on the banks of Urola river in the Sastarrain Valley. It is famous because of its medicinal waters, which have been revived in the famous spa of Cestona, which has been attracting the highest of the Spanish aristocracy since the 19th century. The cave of Ekain is an archaeological site with outstanding cave paintings, which is presented as another point of interest in a visit to Cestona. If you are planning to sleep in Cestona, keep reading because in this page we give you our recommendations.

The best accommodation to sleep in Cestona without any doubt is the Balneario de Cestona. This is a historic hotel that evokes the time of the thermal baths in Europe, and also combines all the current comforts. It has 127 rooms, they are divided in three different categories. The waters of the hotel spa are internationally recognized due to their mineral-medicinal properties, which help with issues such as recovery from injuries, intestinal problems, diuretic cures and even skin changes. If you want to sleep in Cestona, check this accommodation because is our favourite one.

Dónde dormir en Cestona
Balneario de Cestona

If you prefer to sleep in Cestona surroundings, there is a wide accommodation offer available for you. You can go to the coast to Zumaya or Zarauz or going down to Azpeitia or Azcoitia. In Zarauz you have the Zerupe Hotel. It is a wide place with a nice design. It combines elements of concrete, steel, glass and wood. The walls of the rooms are decorated with stained glass windows containing artistic photographs. It has 11 rooms that gives 11 different emotions through the photographic art.

If you prefer Azpeitia you can stay in the Hotel Loiola, it is less than 20 years old. It only has 6 rooms but they are really comfortable and well equipped. The dining room is up to 200 people and you can celebrate there all kind of events, both familiar and professional.

Dónde dormir en Zarauz
Zerupe Hotel
Dónde dormir en Azpeitia
Hotel Loiola

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