Sleep in Berdún

Sleep in Berdún

Berdún is an important transit point of the Aragonese Way to Santiago on its branch along the left bank of the Aragón river. Berdún is located in the border between Navarra and Aragón. A complete visit to Berdún does not take more than few hours, however, this beauty town has a lot of attractives that justify a stop on its streets. As head of the municipality Canal de Berdúnl, this place is a perfect point from which you can discover spots from the western Jacetania, that makes frontier with Navarre, you will also be able to enter in its unknown lands. If you are planning to sleep in Berdún, we recommend you to keep reading to know our suggestions.

Casa de Lacadena en Berdún
Casa de Lacadena en Berdún.
Paisaje de Berdún
Paisaje de Berdún. | Andrew Gould

There is not a wide accommodation offer to sleep in Berdún but we want to recommend you the Casa Sarasa. It is a charming rural house that it is located in the heart of the medieval town of Berdún. It has a barbecue area inside its large grounds. This house has double rooms, studios for 6 people and a house with 2 rooms. In the area people usually do hiking and bird watching.

Dónde dormir en Berdún
Casa Sarasa

If you are looking accommodation to sleep in Berdún surroundings, we recommend you staying in Puente la Reina de Jaca. There you will find accommodation as the three stars Hotel Anaya, it is a modest accommodation that it is located few minutes away by car from Jaca. The rooms are correct, they have all you need to stay some days. In this place they have a continental breakfast and the restaurant serves typical local food, it has terrace and pool.

If you prefer, you can stay in Biniés. There you will find accommodations as the apartamentos Clavería. They are located in a charming area with incredible views of the mountain. The rooms have colorful decoration with rustic style. The best part of this place is its location in a natural area.

Dónde dormir en Berdún
Hotel Anaya
Dónde dormir en Berdún
Apartamentos Claveria

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