Where to sleep in Archidona

Sleep in Archidona

The place where the old ‘Al Ándalus’ was born, is now famous for its particular eight square. Although you can also visit the Convento de las Mínimas or the Parish Church of Santa Ana, among many other places in this famous town. We count them all in our Archidona Tourism Guide, so you can plan better your getaway. If you plan to sleep in Archidona, in this page we give you recommendations to help you choosing the one that best suits you.

Ermita de la Virgen de Gracia en Archidona.
Dónde dormir en Archidona
Plaza Ochavada

If you want to sleep in Archidona the first option we give you is the Hotel Almohalla 51. It has rooms decorated in a rustic style and with all kinds of comforts. The staff is very friendly and very professional, and the common areas are very well designed as they are still the most crowded places in the house.

We also recommend the Hotel Escuela Convento Santo Domingo. It has very nice workers knowing how to treat the client in any situation. The facilities are the best for their size, and the amount of dishes is endless, so you will not get bored in its restaurant.

Finally we have the Hotel Escua, with a quality breakfast. It is in a very good location for its proximity to the main highways and a very qualified staff. It is worth staying here.

Dónde dormir en Archidona
Hotel Almohalla 51
Dónde dormir en Archidona
Hotel Escuela Convento Santo Domingo

At about 12km away we find the Hotel Restaurante Paneque. It is very clean and it has an exquisite restaurant where they serve homemade food. The staff is charming, always at the service of their guests, and the price is one of the factors that will make you choose and repeat this place again and again.

A little further away is the Hotel Rural Carlos Astorga. It has a typical decoration of the area and a pool next to the bar to enjoy the good weather of the south. They have a tour desk, and they also organize excursions in the area, so you will not have any downtime during your stay.

Dónde dormir en Archidona
Hotel Restaurante Paneque
Dónde dormir en Archidona
Hotel Rural Carlos Astorga

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